Random Film of the Week: Gold Diggers of 1933

(Thanks, Classic Fun!)

gold diggers mpFor too many reasonable to reasonably odd reasons, after all these years, I’d never seen ALL of the Mervyn LeRoy/Busby Berkeley film extravaganza that is Gold Diggers of 1933. I’d seen the fantastic beginning many years back as a kid, but it was late at night and I fell asleep at some point, waking up to some other film playing. Another time, the film was on but I missed about half of it and I hate sitting down to watch half a film, and the back half, as that.

Years later, it was on rotation on TCM by this time, so I figured I’d always catch it at some point. By then, I’d seen 42nd Street, Footlight Parade, and a few other similar musicals, so I thought it would be along the same thematic lines. It is to some extent, very much like the others: a simple plot but elaborately made escapist film for the masses.  With its fantasy of three pretty young ladies in a Depression-era New York City finding love and wealth despite their showgirl roots and assorted shenanigans via a case of mistaken identity that stretches credulity as it should in a film like this, it was gong to be as light and breezy a time as could be, I thought.

gold diggers 01

He’d buy that for a dollar: Aileen MacMahon, a lucky Guy Kibbee and Ginger Rogers, who. despite her charms, doesn’t get the guy here.

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You Always See the Weird Stuff on a Friday, Right?

(thanks, GoodOldDaysReturns!) 

Well, you USED to see a hell of a lot MORE weird stuff in person without a screen in your face before we became a “social” nation where everyone hunkered down over a device and broadcast their Friday fish, bad dance moves and drunken escapades for all the world to see (only to then whine and complain when those pictures and other media got sucked up by the privacy-eating 800lb gorilla in the room we were warned about a long time ago). Privacy needs to become the new black, I say. Anyway, if you’re staying at home with your camera off, let Peter Lorre entertain you… what, you didn’t know he could warble out a tune? Well, here you go – you learn something new every day, huh?