The Exorcist, A TV Series? The Power of “Cripes” Compels You

So join me for a drink boys
We’re gonna make a big noise

So don’t worry about tomorrow
Take it today
Forget about the check
We’ll get hell to pay


According to a few sources including the director himself, William Friedkin fired blanks off-camera into the air in order to get an actor to react with fright during a key moment in The Exorcist. I’m betting the 1936 penny sitting mysteriously atop my too-small entertainment center (seriously, it just appeared one day and I have NO clue as to how it got there!) that Friedkin maybe shot a computing device of some sort when he found out Fox as making a series based (kind of?) on the classic horror film that freaked out millions back in 1973 and is still influential to this very day.

(Thanks, Movieclips!)

Me? I had NO idea this was a thing until the always on point Written in Blood pointed out that trailer above. The power of crap compelled my jaw to drop because WHY? There’s really no use or need for a modern take on The Exorcist because the film did what it did so well and is still an effective horror film to this day. Like the upcoming Lethal Weapon TV series (yeah, WHY?), this trend to dig up otherwise fine and dandy entertainment and drag it kicking and screaming into this decade’s short attention span theater audience that will drop a new show they don’t like like a hot rock after one or two episodes. My reaction to that trailer above was somewhat NSFW, and went something like this:

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Don’t believe me? Well, how’s that Rush Hour TV series doing, ladies and gents? Uh-huh. Sure, there are a bunch of devil shows on the air already and Fox does have a “hit” with Lucifer, which I’ve yet to see because I’m not at all interested in it. But I just can’t see The Exorcist being a series with legs once the story the film tells (now rewritten for TV) plays itself out. Well, unless it turns into some sort of possession anthology series with a demon of the week (ugh), which would kill off the scare factor faster than a vampire eating a loaf of garlic bread as the sun rose.

Meh, maybe I’m too cranky and wrong on this… but I don’t think so. If this show ends up being a surprise hit like Bates Motel and goes on for a few seasons, I’ll look into making my own deal with the devil. Oh, don’t worry about me, folks… I know how to trick Old Scratch into letting me keep my soul:

(Thanks, lilacwine85!)

It’s a good thing I can bake a little is all I’m saying…

LEGO: The Movie Trailer: So, It’s Not A Joke After All? Ho-kay…

Yikes and “Hmmmmmm…” Here we go. OK, folks – given the quality of some fan-made Lego movies (go hit the YouTube at your leisure and see for yourself), the very idea of spending a TON of loot for a CG film and all that expensive voice talent just makes me cringe a wee it too much. Yeah, it looks funny and yes indeed, LEGO probably got all the proper clearances for all those characters in one internet video conference call. Still, there’s something… off about this flick that I’ll most likely not see at all in a theater, but catch on the cable rebound circuit and think it’s not too bad at all (but still wonder if some super-fan could have done it for a few hundred bucks over the course of a few weekends)… as usual, we shall see…

Wait, What? They’re Making A Lego Movie? Argh, But Go Enter The Vehicle Design Contest (With A Caveat)…


Yeesh. OK, that’s it, my childhood gets another kick to the groin. Can we kind of put a halt to some of the more obviously stupid film ideas coming out of Hollywood these days? Look, I liked LEGOs as a kid and as an adult, I can still really enjoy some of the more creative uses for them (I’m talking about art-wise, silly!) as well as a bunch of the better LEGO video games. But really? A movie? Why? Because someone thought since the games are so hip and fresh and whatever and make millions and LEGO still sells well across all ages that somehow, taking the interactivity away from them and forcing people to sit on their asses for two hours and watch whatever the sixteen or so screenwriters (which is probably a low estimate on my part) come up with to make millions want that time and ticket fee back? Ugh. Count me out, but I’ll catch it on cable if I’m sick and can’t get out of bed.

Anyway, go enter the vehicle contest if you like, but If you DO win, remember this nugget of truth: a mere thousand bucks and signing your rights away for eternity is a shitty deal no matter how you slice it. If I’m dead wrong and this flick manages to rake in the bazillions, that one grand winner will be losing out on a nice chunk of change for not getting a better cut of the film’s profits. Oh, and if there’s a LEGO: The Movie: The Video Game, I’m going to be making fun of it daily until WB sends Bane and The Joker after me. Travelers Tales has MUCH better things to be doing with their time, I say…