Hey, Internet? Get on Up, Already!

Amusingly enough, the dial-up connection I’m using now is FASTER than all the wi-fi spots I’ve visited today. At least for posting stuff, that is. I’ll still need to do a bunch of downloading tomorrow, so it’ll probably be a long day of updating, getting a new banner and background up and so forth and so on. You’d THINK being in a major metropolitan area would mean you have better service than some tiny hamlet out in the boonies, but nope. Anyway, this TV spot for the upcoming James Brown biopic (which I probably won’t like outside of the music) is keeping me slightly happier at the moment, as are a few games I’ve had queued up for this weekend. Eh, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much – at least I can work from almost anywhere provided the internet can keep up with me, grrrr…

Get on Up Trailer: Better Not Get Me Down Or It’s The Big Payback!

Well, this looks as if it’ll hit all the usual Hollywood biopic notes to a “T” (“Can I get a “T”!) and yes indeed, the music saves this trailer (and quite possibly the film) from sinking into melodramatic parody. I say ANYONE who wants to spend money on a ticket needs to at least track down a copy of Star Time and Brother James’ appearance on The T.A.M.I. Show (TIGHT band, TIGHTER pants, the crowd goes wild as if commanded and possessed) just so you can hear those bombastic classics as they’re meant to be heard. I’m betting if there’s a soundtrack for this flick, the mix will be putrid or overdone or both, but I may be wrong. I’m not holding my breath. Now, Please, Please, Please go dance somewhere else, as I’m trying to work here!