System Shock (Finally) Now On That Showdown With SHODAN, Now Enhanced


File this one under “it’s about time!” and then go buy it, NOW. Thanks to Night Dive Studios, the classic System Shock has finally made it to as System Shock Enhanced Edition, which features not only a version of the game for higher resolution monitors, but also adds mouselook functionality, remappable keys and a few other tweaks. You’ll also get the original game as a bonus if you want to play it as originally intended. Those new bits do make the game a lot more fun if you’re a newer player looking for a more modern control scheme.

Even better, the game is on sale for a limited time for $5.99, 40% off the $9.99 price point. For those new to the experience, System Shock is a hybrid of first-person shooting, role-playing, sci-fi and horror elements as well as (still) one of the best games ever made (well, at least I think so). Yeah, yeah. Some of you out here think six bucks for a game is way too much. But given the reputation of this classic plus the fact that it’s quite replayable (don’t use a walk-through and it has even more replay value), I’d bet some of the more skeptical out there will find this gem right up there with their own favorites.

System Shock 2 (Finally) Available on You SHOULD Buy It. Now.



Well, provided you own a PC and not a Mac that is, as the game is only compatible with Windows XP, 7 and 8. Anyway, this one’s a true classic, it’s frequently scary as hell and has some fine writing to boot. I still have my original disc version in the collection, but it’s a hell of a pain in the neck to get running from the discs, so this one’s a no brainer purchase. grab this while it’s on sale for ten bucks, turn out the lights and get ready to immerse yourself into one of the best games you’ll ever play, period.