Zombie Army 4 Launch Trailer: You Bought A Bigger Boat, Right?


Hmmm… this could be trouble…

Rebellion is maybe going to cause a rebellion at retail and on digital stores and their up to 4-player Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be the cause. I do need to play it at some point, as back on PS3, the series has always been a sort of reliable insanity for me where you know what you’re getting into from the title and can’t expect anything more than a developer having a bit of gory fun with the subject manner in whatever ways they can. I like that sort of thing because reinventing the wheel isn’t what’s intended, but a new set of spinning rims sure will do you good. Well, that and the zombie sharks in Dead War, which I have some (not so) important questions about, have me quite curious.

To wit:

Are they German-speaking sharks? If so, can players use “Hallo! Bitte beiß mich nicht!” as a command? If they’re undead, does this mean they’ll follow you even more tirelessly because a tired shark who stops swimming will die (allegedly) while a zombie shark will pretty much come at you forever? Am I overthinking this a wee too much? Stuff like that. I’ll wait kindly for the developer to come up with a few answers, but here’s the trailer below the jump to keep you warm while hell freezes over before I get my answers.

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Zombie Army 4: Not For The Squeamish, This Squish, Squish

ZA4 team

The Dirty 1/3 of a Dozen…

Oh, this trailer is a total riot, though, zombie shark and all. If it were a movie, I’d go see it just because it’s about as perfect it gets in terms of the exploitation elements alone. The trailer reminded me of some of those old grindhouse movies whose trailers seemed endless and/or packed in so much mind-blowing content that you HAD to see the final results and nope, you weren’t disappointed at all.

Er, hold on to something – here we go:

Zombie sharks seem to be the least crazy thing here, right?

shark shark

We’re gonna need another boat to put all of this stuff in…

February 4, 2020 on PC as an Epic Store exclusive, or on consoles for PS4 and Xbox One. Go here if you’re going to pre-order.



Zombie Army 4 Wants YOU (Or Else)


Rebellion’s intense and gruesomely gory (and fun as hell) Zombie Army series (a mutated spin on its Sniper Elite series) is getting a fresh take and some icky, fitting enemies (the zombie shark demands attention!) in the Zombie Army 4: Dead War trailer below that’s definitely not for the squeamish. Me, I got a big grin on my face seeing what’s coming and yes, that game engine Rebellion has got me in awe of the zombie carnage on display. Uh, carnage to the zombies, that is. Nope, this game isn’t for the wee ones and sort of needs to be played at night with a good pair of headphones on for best results.

Some early alpha gameplay footage is below the jump, but yeah, it’s not for everyone. I also kind of doubled down and ran Rebellion’s older introduction to the franchise so you can see what to expect with the fourth entry. Hey, I was cleaning out my inbox as I’m almost out of space. I guess it’s a good thing I found that after all.

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Sniper Elite III 101: “So, What Did YOU Do During The War?” (Part One)

With PR folk from 505 Games and a few of the dev team from Rebellion rolling into NYC this week, I’ll finally get some hands-on time with Sniper Elite III on Tuesday morning and report about it here. The team has clearly listened to feedback about Sniper Elite V2 and it looks as if this third chapter addresses all the issues and makes for a more expansive and free form game experience. Sure, the extreme violence isn’t for everyone (and yep, that video is pretty graphic), but I’m not playing this one to see Nazi brains and other bits get shattered and splashed about the large levels. I’m a game design guy first who loves seeing what different developers come up with and Rebellion has been around long enough to keep surprising me. Anyway, expect an update a few days from now on my experience with this one. Sniper Elite III hits retail and download on July 1st in the US on Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 and of course, the PC version will be a Steam release.

Sniper Elite 3 Trailer: Rebellion’s Up for Another Shot. Are You?

Talk about going out with a bang. 505 Games and UK developer Rebellion are following up their successful Sniper Elite V2 and Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army with a new game that leaves a destroyed Berlin for the hot and dusty sands of Africa (or that’s what I’m gathering from this trailer). Granted, blasting holes in assorted Nazis may not be your cup of tea and nope, this isn’t a historical recreation at all, folks. But there’s always that odd satisfaction one gets from this series of tinkering with old history one bullet at a time for all the right reasons, of course…

There’s A Rebellion Afoot: Sniper Elite Series On Sale NOW On Steam!

So, it seems that you’re not doing anything at the moment (hey, if you’re reading this site, that counts… er, ha ha?) and you KNOW you want to go scope out a bombed-out Berlin in order to take out a bunch of Nazis clinging to their last hope for some kind of magical victory. You also happen to have a decent gaming PC and a Steam account. Therefore, the Allied High Command (or UK developer Rebellion) orders you to click on over to the Steam Store and BUY one, two or ALL of their Sniper Elite series, which just so happens to be on sale for the next… oh, 18 hours or so. This weekend sale (seriously, the clock it TICKING!) gets you access to the original Sniper Elite, Sniper Elite V2 with all its DLC and the mighty gory (well, gorier, as all the games are quite not for the squeamish types) Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, which is still the award winner for “How can you NOT wonder what this one’s about and/or want to play it immediately upon hearing that title?” for this year (so far).

What, you’re still here? Get going! Those Nazis and Nazi Zombies aren’t going to snipe themselves, you know…

Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Out Now On Steam – Gore Patrol On Duty!

NZA_out nowSo… how, pray tell do we go from happy-happy cartoon ponies to blowing holes in zombies just like that? Easy- you pretend you’re riding a bus, just move along and enjoy what’s outside the window. Which in this case would be that final teaser trailer and the even MORE naughty official launch trailer (both very NSFW, by the way- you’ve been warned!) and maybe even you picking up this standalone co-op focused expansion from Steam at some point. Yeah, you know you want to… and you’ll probably fool everyone by storing the game on that My Little Pony Friendship is Magic X MIMOBOT USB drive you just purchased. Shhhh… I won’t tell a soul. Maybe…

Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Teasers 2 & 3: We Did It! (or Did We?)…

*whipcrack!* See what happens when fans put their collective feet down? Rebellion drops two more Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army teasers in one day instead of keeping us all in suspense as they drip them out when they feel like it. VICTORY for the internets! Champagne for everybody! Wheeee!! We won!!! *whipcrack!!*

Wait, what’s that? The game comes out tomorrow? They had this all planned anyway? Oh crap… Well, there goes my champagne allowance for next month. Damn internet moves fast when there’s free booze…

Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Teaser: A Little Atmosphere Before You’re Out of Air…


Oh, Rebellion… you sneaky, sneaky little baw-stawds. Tease and tempt us with these bits and pieces of nice-looking in-engine footage while hiding the hordes of scary undead Nazi scum you want us to ventilate before they take over that war-torn Berlin. Too short, guys, TOO short. Ah well, PC gamers get this on the 28th, so I’m sure many will be pleased and playing half under a blanket. That said, I do want this to come to consoles at some point as either a stand alone game or on a disc (preferably with the original Sniper Elite V2 as a bonus at a nice price point). As always, we shall see…

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army: February 28 Is Now D-Day For The Undead…


Three words used together that will either make you laugh like a lunatic, run screaming for the hills (or dive under the couch) or let out an “Oh Yeah!” are Nazi Zombie Army and it seems that developer Rebellion has not only figured this out, they’ve cooked up a new standalone co-op themed Sniper Elite V2 expansion for PC that’s coming out at the end of the month. I like the story idea the guys thought up, as tossing together four soldiers from a few sides of the conflict who’d probably be trying to kill each other and having them work together after things get a wee bit too supernatural thanks to a certain infamous would be great dictator and his final push to win the war in Europe.

Check out the rather gory trailer if you dare here, boogie on over to Steam to pre-order it for $14.99 and if you’re a PS3, 360 or Wii U owner, hope this comes out on consoles at some point at a similar budget price point. Yeah, it’s not for everyone, but i can’t think of too many folks who actually like Nazis or Zombies, especially in armies coming at you with intent to chomp on your brains. Don’t blame those bath salts, either…