Review: Thundercats

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Aspect Digital Entertainment

Publisher: Namco Bandai Games

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: E 10+ (Everyone 10+)

Official Site
Score: C (70%)

There’s a decidedly old-school mentality to Aspect Digital Entertainment’s Thundercats that makes it somewhat compelling despite its flaws. It’s not innovative in any respect, but doesn’t need to be because it works well enough for what it’s aiming for. Then again, if you’re only looking for a side-scrolling beat-em up with timed stages, colorful but straightforward visuals and a ton of unlockable artwork and music, you’ll appreciate what’s here a great deal more than some snooty critic who demands innovation in every modern game they play. What’s here is fairly simple, definitely not for casual players (trust me, it’s a total ball-buster in parts) and packed with plenty of cheap enemies and bosses. while far from gaming perfection, it’s very reminiscent of plenty of quarter muncher beat-em-ups that crowded arcades in their heyday.

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Thundercats DS In Stores Now: The Retro Revival Continues!


Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man – the 80’s cartoon hits just keep on coming to gamers these days (but hey, where’s the Twinkle the Dream Being game?!). Anyway, Namco Bandai has released Thundercats into the wild for the Nintendo DS. It certainly looks pretty awesome and heck, my nostalgia meter says this one will be a ton of fun. As usual, it’s up to the hands-on time and final impressions from dopes like me and other editor-types that will sway you one way or the other, but I trust in Lion-O to NOT be in a stinker. Mumm-Ra, maybe (which is why he’ll never get his own game), but not Lion-O. Anyway, we shall see what’s what in a few days when my review copy pops up.

Natsume Online Store Summer Sale Is On, So Go Farm Up Some Bargains!

If you’re a fan of Natsume’s family-friendly lineup of Harvest Moon or Rune Factory games for the Wii, DS, 3DS, PS3 and/or PSP, want to do some Reel Fishing or have a few cool Adventures to Go, this big blowout sale is most definitely for you. Head on over and check out the lineup and definitely snap up what you want fast, as the company is giving away a cool premium item you won’t find anywhere else. Hmmmmmm, at these prices, there are a lot of excellent buys here as the majority of Natsume’s titles are super heavy on replay value. I guess I can finally get to see the differences between Afrika for the PS3 and Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition for the Wii as they sound like exactly the same game bit with huge graphics differences.

Video Game Appreciation 101: Nintendo DS (New Additions)

I need to do this on a more regular basis like some of my other fellow game bloggers (you know who you are, but I need to list you guys on my sidebar at some point today), so here you go, six new DS games added, all picked up quite cheap.

Aliens: Infestation is a pretty challenging side-scrolling shooter/adventure from WayForward Technologies (makers of some of the best “retro” style games out there) and Gearbox Software. Hop aboard an alien packed Sulaco as a squad of Marines as you search for survivors in this sort-of sequel/side-story to Aliens. With a limited number of squad members available (one they’re dead, they’re gone for good), some mean bosses that take a bit of work to put down and a decent amount of replay value, it’s not a bad game at all if you’re a fan of this sort of game.

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Thundercats DS Says To Consoles: “How Ya Like Me Now?”

Well, now… color me intrigued. I happen to still  like my Nintendo DS quite a lot, so yes, I’ll absolutely be bugging Namco Bandai for a reviewable of this game. Hey, for me, it’ll be the 16-bit game I never got to play  back on the SNES and Genesis and as you’ll see from the gallery I’ll post later tonight, the game actually looks pretty impressive. Which of course means that I need to practice my Lion-O yell to get even more psyched for the game’s September 25, 2012 release.  Er, you may want to stand back a few feet, kids (and get the family pet into a closet nearby – you’ve been warned): *Ahem* Thundercats, HOO*cough!*ooooo….*ack*oooo!!!!…

Hmmmm. Clearly, practice is needed there, as I just broke my throat and a window here. Back with more later. Er, more screen shots, that is (and a lot of them)…

Review: Brave The Video Game (NDS)

Platform: Nintendo DS/DSi

Developer: Behaviour Interactive, Inc.

Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: E 10+ (Everyone 10+)

Official Site

Score: B- (75%)

While not perfect, with Brave: The Video Game for the Nintendo DS, Behaviour Interactive has managed to bring the familiar fun of plenty of great action platform games from the past. While the portable version is skewed a bit more to younger gamers than the console ones are (don’t let that E 10+ rating fool you), there’s a decent amount of fun to be had with all the sword swinging, bow shooting, platforming and super to mildly simple puzzle solving.  If you’re able to get over the otherwise fine PSOne-era visuals, occasional AI silliness and some jumping issues a better camera angle would have helped fix, you’ll find this to be a nice (albeit brief) diversion if you’ve got a few hours to kill.

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Atlus Listens to Its Fans: Radiant Historia Is Coming Back!

Radiant Historia was absolutely one of the best Nintendo DS role-playing games ever made, but it didn’t exactly get a huge production run back when it was release less than a year ago. Currently, legal copies can currently fetch up to $100 or so on eBay, which isn’t exactly an affordable sum these days (unless you’ve money to burn and want to show off a bit too much). Now, after doing the RIGHT thing and actually asking for input from their fan base, Atlus is giving gamers a second chance to grab the game online with pre-orders starting up NOW through Amazon or EB Games. Sure, I’d personally rather walk into a store and buy the game (I’m crazy like that, wanting to travel a few blocks and not being a total lazy ass who wants everything handed to him and all), but this is the next best thing to owning a time machine and going back to snap up a copy when you should have in the first place. Go, Atlus!


Devil Survivor 2 Trailer: Atlus Asks That Eternally Unnerving Question…

No, not “Why are they STILL making games for the Nintendo DS?” (ha ha), but “How Would You Like To Die?” Gee, thanks guys… It’s not as if I have anything better to do than NOT sleep at night because I’m afraid of NOT waking up or anything like that. Well, if you have to know, I’m not going to tell you, as I don’t want you to get any ideas. Anyway, click on over to the official Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 website to find out more about this sinister sequel to one of the best DS games to date. If it’s anywhere as spectacular as the first game, it’ll be a real winner as well as a keeper. February will be here sooner than you think and I want you all to be prepared when the game hits stores…

New Aliens: Infestation Trailer (Yes, There’s Still Life Left In That Nintendo DS!)

WayForward and Gearbox’ upcoming DS exclusive is probably going to be the best thing to happen to the DS in terms of licensed movie titles and definitely the best portable Aliens game I can think of. Of course, it IS coming from one of the best developers of 2D games working today, so it’s pretty much a given that it’s going to be a solid game. October 11 is rushing up really fast, so put this one on your to-do lists. Thank you, Sega!

Aliens: Infestation Launch Trailer: WayForward Wows Once More

What’s looking like one of the last great Nintendo DS games is winging your way courtesy Sega, WayForward Technologies and Gearbox Software. No flashy gimmick here, folks – just good, solid old-school gameplay, amazing 2D visuals and plenty of action. This one is definitely in the running for portable game of the year in my book. I really hope a PSP version is in the works, as this game is too good to be relegated to a single platform…