Dream Arcades’ Dreamcade Vision 32: The Everyman (And Woman) Gamer Cave Machine

Ladies and gentlemen, commence the drooling, but hey, keep it off the cabinet, please: Dream Arcades new Dreamcade Vision 32 is a wonder machine and the company’s latest all-in-one instant game room hit guaranteed to have your friends over constantly (and you having to nicely kick them out seven days a week). Featuring a 32 inch LCD screen monitor, over 200 classic arcade games, a built-in MP3 music jukebox (!) and plenty of cool options you can add to the unit that will make it even more awesome.

While this is highly recommended as a “man cave” purchase, I can  certainly think of a few gamer gals who’d LOVE one of these around the house. Any hubby looking to surprise their favorite gamer chick out there? Here’s a big, fat hint, hint, hint on exactly what’s a great gift you both can use.  Anyway, as spectacular as this thing is, I do wish Dream Arcades would finally get around to adding a time machine add-on to their products so I could actually travel back in time on a long loop in order to play all those great games for as long as I wanted to. At $3099, this thing is a total steal, but if you grab one before the day is over, you can get a Vision 32 for $2599. So, grab that credit card or sell a useless body part (you know, you only need ONE kidney to survive, people) and get yours HERE.


2 thoughts on “Dream Arcades’ Dreamcade Vision 32: The Everyman (And Woman) Gamer Cave Machine

  1. I’ve always wanted an Arcade Cabinet. Yes, it would be a very cool piece for the “man/gamer cave” 🙂
    For me the problem has always been price. I think $3000 is fair for what they’ve put together but I’m still priced out. Not to mention what shipping would do to the price tag!
    It would be a fun project to try and build something like this. Maybe someday when I’m retired!


  2. These Dream Arcades are pretty awesome, aren’t they? I’d have an issue getting that thing in my elevator here and I sure as heck wouldn’t want to lug it up seven floors (eek), So if anything, I’d end up with a smaller model or maybe a cocktail table (even though I hate playing games looking down like that). Still, I think you could probably put together a MAME cabinet there if you didn’t mind a bit more work (google around to see what that would take cost-wise).


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