Review: Thundercats

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Aspect Digital Entertainment

Publisher: Namco Bandai Games

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: E 10+ (Everyone 10+)

Official Site
Score: C (70%)

There’s a decidedly old-school mentality to Aspect Digital Entertainment’s Thundercats that makes it somewhat compelling despite its flaws. It’s not innovative in any respect, but doesn’t need to be because it works well enough for what it’s aiming for. Then again, if you’re only looking for a side-scrolling beat-em up with timed stages, colorful but straightforward visuals and a ton of unlockable artwork and music, you’ll appreciate what’s here a great deal more than some snooty critic who demands innovation in every modern game they play. What’s here is fairly simple, definitely not for casual players (trust me, it’s a total ball-buster in parts) and packed with plenty of cheap enemies and bosses. while far from gaming perfection, it’s very reminiscent of plenty of quarter muncher beat-em-ups that crowded arcades in their heyday.

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Thundercats DS Says To Consoles: “How Ya Like Me Now?”

Well, now… color me intrigued. I happen to still  like my Nintendo DS quite a lot, so yes, I’ll absolutely be bugging Namco Bandai for a reviewable of this game. Hey, for me, it’ll be the 16-bit game I never got to play  back on the SNES and Genesis and as you’ll see from the gallery I’ll post later tonight, the game actually looks pretty impressive. Which of course means that I need to practice my Lion-O yell to get even more psyched for the game’s September 25, 2012 release.  Er, you may want to stand back a few feet, kids (and get the family pet into a closet nearby – you’ve been warned): *Ahem* Thundercats, HOO*cough!*ooooo….*ack*oooo!!!!…

Hmmmm. Clearly, practice is needed there, as I just broke my throat and a window here. Back with more later. Er, more screen shots, that is (and a lot of them)…