Some Games of That Last Year, In Case You Were Curious

I do hate lists like this partially because it’s impossible to play every single game one would like to play each year. But hey, let’s call this an experiment in terror minis the terror unless I left off this list a game you like. That’s likely a case where I didn’t get a review code, haven’t bought the game outright because I tend to wait for sales for AAA games I don’t get codes or retail copies for (hey, I’m on a budget these days, folks). Anyway, twenty-one games are better than ten, so here’s that number of titles I tended to gravitate to the most over last year.

Red Dead Redemption II (PS4)
Dead Cells (PS4)
Moss (PS4/PSVR)
Forgotton Anne (PS4/Switch)
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (PS4)
Hyper Light Drifter – Special Edition (Nintendo Switch)
Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (PS4)
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (PS4)
Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4)
428: Shubuya Scramble (PS4)
Earth Defense Force 5 (PS4)
Yoku’s Island Express (Switch)
Valkyria Chronicles 4 (PS4)
Diablo III Eternal Collection (Nintendo Switch)
Moonlighter (PS4)
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (Switch)
SEGA AGES Phantasy Star (Switch)
Coffee Crisis (Switch)
TANGLEWOOD (PC/Sega Genesis)
Reverie (PS4/Vita)
The Shapeshifting Detective (PS4)

Yeah, there were a few more titles I really liked, but I decided to stop here or else risk making this list closer to or perhaps exceeding 50 games. Eh. I’ll note some of those games in the not too distant future because a lot are indies made by smaller teams still pumping out titles, many of which are recommended.

Back in a bit.


“He’s Making A List And Checking It Twice…”


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Yeah, yeah. I’m in the middle of a little (but not little at all) listing project for the fine folks over at Digital Press where I’m one of a few staff wroters who still works on the print ‘zine that gets published whenever we have time to get an issue out.

Everyone contributing to the next issue is going to be submitting a list of 30 “best” console or PC titles from each era 1971-2004 (for a total of up to 90 games from each writer) and those lists will get tallied up and then blurbed for readers to debate about later and perhaps get into unnecessary fisticuffs over.

Okay, that’s NOT the goal at all, but you know how the internet reacts to the most humble stuff these days. Then again, the DP readership is generally more mellow and reserved (well, usually). So I’m gathering whatever pops up from the staff collision at the end of the month will be quite a read. My own list is made up of mostly common games with a few oddball entries added in because they were and still are games that made quite an impression on me back in the day.

Anyway, let me get back to my compiling. I’m having a big brain battle over the final era thanks to so many systems to choose from, way too many PC games being too good and me trying to squeeze a mere 30 games out of thousands that also deserve to be included. Ah well -small world problem, right? If I don’t post anything again today, have a Happy Thanksgiving passed out in front of your TV or wherever else you’ll crawl for a nap after your turkey overdose.

503 Better Things To Do Than Be Caught Dead On Buzzfeed…

Soma Bringer_31_4645That image to the left is the inside of my head after a few minutes on that so-called “hot” site, Buzzfeed. I generally avoid places like that on the internet because I can feel my intelligence draining away as soon as I start poking around to find anything that actually keeps my attention long enough to finish, but I’m trying to be less stuffy in my online reading choices.

Granted, I barely have time to write all that I want to and read what some of you folks on my too short list of semi-regular spots to visit cook up. But on occasion, a friend here and there will shoot over a link to something on one of those much bigger mainstream sites that generate millions of hits (and millions of ad bucks I sure don’t get) and I’m finding myself poking around because I’m trying to be a nice guy more than wanting to waste five minutes or so reading silly polls and other junk that aren’t actually informative.

(Thanks, MRJadedtom!) 

At best, you’re “entertained” with a few chuckles before you remember you had something actually important to do. At worst, you’ll be reading things you don’t care about and wanting to chase the person around who sent you that link with a sharpened or blunt stick wanting your time and brain cells back. I don’t claim to be the smartest guy on the planet these days, but if I’m going to dawdle anywhere, I’d prefer to waste my time when I want to as opposed to because someone else finds a shiny object to dangle in my field of view.

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DAF Never Official Off the Top of the Head Game of the Year Picks (Part One)…

I hate “best-of” lists in general because they revolve around too many people who haven’t really seen, read or played “everything” released in a year (it’s impossible for to do so with so much content released across multiple platforms), so they end up being incredibly biased. As proof of that, I’ve decided to toss out a few titles I liked too much in 2012 just to show what happens when you play too much stuff and force yourself to narrow that down to games you just played too much of rather than games that were all around stellar. Or something like that. Anyway, not in any type of order at all and kind of incomplete because I’m still playing a few things, but here we go: Continue reading