503 Better Things To Do Than Be Caught Dead On Buzzfeed…

Soma Bringer_31_4645That image to the left is the inside of my head after a few minutes on that so-called “hot” site, Buzzfeed. I generally avoid places like that on the internet because I can feel my intelligence draining away as soon as I start poking around to find anything that actually keeps my attention long enough to finish, but I’m trying to be less stuffy in my online reading choices.

Granted, I barely have time to write all that I want to and read what some of you folks on my too short list of semi-regular spots to visit cook up. But on occasion, a friend here and there will shoot over a link to something on one of those much bigger mainstream sites that generate millions of hits (and millions of ad bucks I sure don’t get) and I’m finding myself poking around because I’m trying to be a nice guy more than wanting to waste five minutes or so reading silly polls and other junk that aren’t actually informative.

(Thanks, MRJadedtom!) 

At best, you’re “entertained” with a few chuckles before you remember you had something actually important to do. At worst, you’ll be reading things you don’t care about and wanting to chase the person around who sent you that link with a sharpened or blunt stick wanting your time and brain cells back. I don’t claim to be the smartest guy on the planet these days, but if I’m going to dawdle anywhere, I’d prefer to waste my time when I want to as opposed to because someone else finds a shiny object to dangle in my field of view.

That said, I also HATE “top” anything lists. I don’t know why other than the ones I’ve read seem to often be written by people who actually have only seen, read, heard, eaten, drank, or otherwise consumed ONLY the number of items on their lists and nothing more, making their hard work nothing but biased because they tend to uniformly choose the exact same things and list them in different orders. Or worse, when challenged on some of their picks, the best defense they can muster up is “Well, it’s REALLY popular, soooo…” Ugh.

Two things to learn in life that make life better are the following: ONE: Just because something is popular, does not mean it’s GOOD. TWO: Trying something new doesn’t make you like it the first time, but it will crack that bubble you’re in and let some fresh air and light inside. Of course, that last thing also goes for my cranky self as well. But it seems whenever I drag myself kicking and screaming to one of these places of brain vaporizing time slippage, I end up feeling as if all I’ve done is aged mentally (and not in a good way). Which means the title of this post is a sort of lie as I can’t list 503 better things to do than be caught dead on Buzzfeed… but YOU can (if you like)…

Of course, YOUR time is important as well, so don’t even bother replying unless you’ve got nothing better to do. If I get five better things, I’ll be surprised. ten times that? I’ll probably faint. 500? Yeah, sure – someone better break out the champagne and get me a ticket to the moon or something…

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