“He’s Making A List And Checking It Twice…”


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Yeah, yeah. I’m in the middle of a little (but not little at all) listing project for the fine folks over at Digital Press where I’m one of a few staff wroters who still works on the print ‘zine that gets published whenever we have time to get an issue out.

Everyone contributing to the next issue is going to be submitting a list of 30 “best” console or PC titles from each era 1971-2004 (for a total of up to 90 games from each writer) and those lists will get tallied up and then blurbed for readers to debate about later and perhaps get into unnecessary fisticuffs over.

Okay, that’s NOT the goal at all, but you know how the internet reacts to the most humble stuff these days. Then again, the DP readership is generally more mellow and reserved (well, usually). So I’m gathering whatever pops up from the staff collision at the end of the month will be quite a read. My own list is made up of mostly common games with a few oddball entries added in because they were and still are games that made quite an impression on me back in the day.

Anyway, let me get back to my compiling. I’m having a big brain battle over the final era thanks to so many systems to choose from, way too many PC games being too good and me trying to squeeze a mere 30 games out of thousands that also deserve to be included. Ah well -small world problem, right? If I don’t post anything again today, have a Happy Thanksgiving passed out in front of your TV or wherever else you’ll crawl for a nap after your turkey overdose.

Ye Olde Rerun Department: Digital Press Edition

DP_Did You KnowOK, I’m still getting ready to reboot the engines here, so here’s a little old post from Digital Press to tide you fine folks over: Yeah, it’s long as hell (well, for the short attention span crowd) and no pictures means a bit of a wall to climb, but it’s a mere 11 paragraphs and not a bad read if I do say so myself. That and if you have a stack of disc-based games from a few console generations ago (or even some old PC games), it’s worth popping them into a CD player to see what you can unearth.

Digital Press Issue 72 Now Available!

Probably the best fanzine about video games and gaming culture still in print today (and I’m not saying this because I happen to have a column in the current issue), this all-new issue of DP is packed with fun articles about portable systems through the ages from the likes of Rob O’Hara, Rob Faraldi, Rob Strangman (that’s a lotta Robs, but they’re all different dudes, trust me!), Sarah Szefer, Steve Jacobs, Ian Baranofsky and more! You can get DP sent to YOUR mailbox for a paltry ten bucks a year (four issues) by clicking on over HERE and signing up. Tell them I sent you and you’ll get no big deal discount at all, but the satisfaction of knowing I sent you somewhere and you actually listened to me. Er, wait… that’s what I get. YOU just get four awesome issues of DP, but that’s a fair enough trade-off, right?

Classic Gaming Expo 2K12 Update: Registration Is Open, Prices Are Awesome!

And so it begins! CGE 2012 Registration kicks off with an excellent pricing whether you sign up for Early Bird, Advance or even at the door tickets. Additionally, the lovely and newly renovated Plaza Hotel is the venue and the special CGE rates are quite affordable at $65 per day for a Deluxe room. Of course, you’ll need to do something about transportation to and from  Las Vegas (road trip!) as well as any sightseeing options. As for food, well you’d be surprised (or maybe not so surprised) to find way too many options in Vegas to make sure you’re not going to starve at any hour of the day.

Back with more CGE 2012 updates as they’re announced…

Classic Gaming Expo 2012 Update: Vegas, Baby!

And here you go: the first official update on next year’s CGE! I’d only been to the show once when it was at the Riviera a few years back, but I see the renovated Plaza Hotel seems to be the place to be next year.  More news to come as it becomes available!

Classic Gaming Expo Is BACK!

Now, I just need to be able to afford to go, grrr! I got this note in my inbox and did a happy dance (despite my lousy finances, it’s great to see the show hath returned!):

YOU WERE THERE FIRST. Not enough time to get this to all of our outlets or properly document it on our website, so those of you here get to hear it first: Classic Gaming Expo 2K12 is ON, it’s August 11th and 12th in Las Vegas at our old stomping grounds, The Plaza Hotel. The Plaza has completely renovated everything from its rooms and casinos to the ballroom itself. We loved it, can’t wait to do this again! More details to follow.

And yes, I’ll be posting those details when I get them. Woo and hoo. Off to find some pennies!

Jeff Spega’s Tron and Robotron Now Available. You Should Buy It Based On The Table Of Contents Alone.

Jeff is a cool guy (creatively cranky like me), a fellow gamer, writer, editor and knows a hell of a lot more than I do about video games. Even better, he was smart enough to write all he knows down in a handy new book called Tron and Robotron: Thirty Years of Electronic Gaming (and Counting), which just so happens to be available for purchase by clicking on that link above. I need to buy a copy just so I can read more than the excellent teasers and excerpts he’s got as a quickie download on his page. Oh, and that table of contents is pretty spectacular. Seriously. Jeff also likes a lot of 3DO games I like, so he’s definitely someone to have around when you happen to have a copy of Burning Soldier and an extra controller lying around and need someone to blast Kaisertians with.

Become Part Of Gaming History – Support the Videogame History Museum!

Now I wish I REALLY had a million dollars to spend. Some friends of mine who are supremely serious about game history (well, because they’re part of it) have a wonderful Kickstarter.com project going to fund an actual museum devoted to preserving all sorts of games and game goods from the beginnings of the hobby up to today’s games. Check out the project link and video HERE and absolutely DONATE (there are some awesome options that can get you some cool swag if that’s your thing). The team needs $30,000 by September 1, 2011 in order to make this happen and they’re currently at $9,475. Again, check out the link and let’s make this happen!

Classic Gaming Expo 2010 Info!

It’s baaaaaaaaack! Want to spend a weekend in Vegas surrounded by TONS of vintage to current games, game consoles and plenty of cool folks who love them (as well as a few that have created them)? Well, Classic Gaming Expo 2010 is set to take place at the Tropicana Las Vegas on the weekend of July 31 and August 1, 2010, so boogie on over to the registration page and get your pass NOW.

In addition to more games than you can shake a stick at (sticks not included at the show) , AtariAge and Digital Press are hosting a “Retro Rumble” tournament where the best classic gamers can compete to win fame and some awesome prizes. There will more likely than not be an incredible, eyeball searing auction where attendees can snag some really rare games, systems and swag (I’ll update this as info comes in) as well as many special guests

As the press release says:

“Classic Gaming Expo is the largest and longest-running celebration of classic video games, the designers who created them, the players who enjoy them and the fanatics who collect them.”

Anyway, c’mon down, bring the family and prepare to break the bank (or at least maim it slightly)… but not on slots or roulette! You’ll more than likely go broke picking up some great deals on classic to current gaming goodness.