The Humble Daily Bundle Goes Kind Of Oprah Today…


So, it’s all YOU get a Hammerwatch! And YOU get a Hammerwatch! And YOU get a Hammerwatch! And guess what? YOU get a Hammerwatch! Hey, people! There’s just ONE game in the Humble Daily Bundle today, folks…. um, guess what it is? Anyway, pay under $7.76 and you get the great Two Feathers soundtrack to this awesomely addictive Gauntlet-inspired hack & slash AND a great art pack! $7.76 even gets you one code for the game… but spend twenty four cents more and you get THREE extra copies to give away to whomever you please. Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Give them all a code! Friends are good to have when playing this game, as it can get tough in those dungeons with everything that’s not nailed down trying to kill your character dead. Lovely and colorful retro graphics, loads of challenge and loot galore await, so what are you waiting for? It’s Hammer(watch) time!


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