Humble Bundles Galore Today: Daily, Weekly, Store, All Waiting To Take Over Your PC!

I’ll keep it short today, as my mailbox is overflowing: Humble Daily Bundle? Three fighting games, old and new. To steal a quote from the past… “Get it… or get hit!”

Humble Spring Sale Then there’s the Humble Store Spring Sale: 48 hours of BARGAINS galore on games old to new, all priced to move or whatever download games do when they go from one place to another (go check it out and watch your wallet gleefully leap to its demise!).

And finally… The Humble Doctor Who Comics Bundle! Whaaaaat?! Loads of books (more on the way if you buy!) AND you get an unlocked version of Doctor Who: Legacy for your Android phone (with all the Doctors)! Yeah, you know you want EVERYTHING and I won’t even try to stop you (so there!). Anyway, buy lots of to way too much stuff, support some charities and then go wish you had a real TARDIS so you could read and play for a while then go back in time and have the rest of your Monday roll out as it should.

Well, minus you spilling that cup of OJ all over the boss man this morning, oops…

Doctor Who Legacy: Your Absolutely Free New Diversion Is Ready…

DWL7Well, alright… I’ll give this one a thumbs up simply because it’s basically a re-skinned more RPG-like version of the excellently addictive Puzzle Quest that happens to have a Doctor Who theme, characters and enemies. Of course, it’s on iOS and Android smartphones or devices only, my current phone is “dumb” and I prefer paying outright for a full version game on a console or portable I already own.

Which means I’ll be patiently waiting (but not holding my breath) for a Vita or 3DS version to show up. In the meantime, if YOU own an iPhone or Android phone or device, you can get the game now on iTunes and Google Play NOW. Did I mention that it’s not the standard “freemium” model at all, but actually FREE to download and play? Yeah, NO stupid energy meters that run out and get you to “buy in” so you can keep going! Awesome. The dev team is doing this as a labor of love, according to the game description and you can even email them with questions, comments and suggestions as to what you like, dislike and want to see in future installments. Now, that’s pretty spectacular in this day and age, I’d say…