More Mega Cat News Means More Cool Games To Paw At

Well, this is a nice surprise on a mundane yet maddening Monday – MORE Mega Cat  Studios games are popping up on the company online shop just in time for your holiday buying needs, as as it’s Cyber Monday (whee!), you’ll get a nice bonus in the form of a


use code CYBER18 during check out!
Mega Cat and his elves have been sweating it out in the workshop to get this deal ready for you!
Cyber Monday ONLY – get a free Retroid handheld game
with any purchase of $100 or more



Hey, who doesn’t love free stuff? Even if you don’t have a GB to play this on, I bet you know someone who does who’d love this as a gift (like, er…. me!)

Even better, spend $175 or more and your order ships FREE (in the U.S. of A, at least). I won’t tell you what to buy, as everything looks great and heck, if you’re a collector, you’re likely throwing your wallet at whatever screen you’re reading this news on.




Gallery: N64 Library (Plus)

What’s left of my N64 and Famicom/Famicom Disk collections plus some loose Super Famicom games I didn’t add with the boxed stuff a while back. As with all of the library pics, the collections here are much smaller than they were a few years back, but I’d say the Famicom stuff has been condensed the most overall, as it was around 150+ games at one point. I do miss my N64 imports (Bangai-o, Wonder Project J2 and Neon Genesis Evangelion among others) and most of the bunch of other stuff I don’t have these days, but that’s the way that ball bounces, I suppose. Oh well – once I’m rolling in loot from my world domination plans, I’ll grab a plane to Game Central and clean out a few places again. That is, provided the world doesn’t blow up before then…