Monday Means Bundles of Joy All Over (And An Aching Backlog Again)!

Let’s see now, the mailbox is bursting at the seams today, so I guess it’s Bundle time! Here are a few deals to pore over at your leisure, although you kind of want to hurry on those 24-hour deals, folks:

Every Monday Bundle 9222014 

The IndieGala Every Monday Bundle this week is $1.89 and consists of three indie adventure games and three quirky kind of retro-style games. It’s a nice mix of randomness that should keep you entertained in short spurts or for a particularly boring weekend. The nice thing about all of these games is you’re not forced to play them all within a particular time span. Unless of course you’re trying to buy and play games in a specific order or knock them off your backlog as you buy each bundle. Hey! I;m not done yet – two more to go…

FPS Redux Bundle 

Next up, Bundle Stars has the FPS Redux Bundle, a nice set of TEN Steam keys for a measly $3.99(!). This one’s cool because of the variety of titles here, from indie-made modern classics to older and tougher birds that will task novices and veterans alike.

HFB Yesteryear 

Finally, the Humble Flash Bundle- Yesteryear offers up six older to kind of recent games set in the past. Expect city simulations, adventure and even a bit of old-fashioned murder here in these fine titles. Take a chance on one or more of these, expand your gaming horizons and perhaps make a few new friends (or enemies) while you’re entertaining yourselves.

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