Classic Gaming Expo 2012 Update: A Video About Game Audio…

If you’re going to CGE 2012, here’s yet ANOTHER something to check out from what’s already going to be a pretty amazing classic gaming convention. Can you name all the games in this video? Better yet, can you do it with your eyes closed just listening to the clip? Ah, memories… too bad I stink at most of those games these days. Well, except Q*Bert. OK, and maybe the Three Stooges. Anyway, Vegas is waiting, baby! Of course, how crazy will you go between being tempted by blowing all your money on gambling and all you can eat buffets galore or blowing all your money on some great vintage to current games and gear?

Classic Gaming Expo 2K12 Update: Registration Is Open, Prices Are Awesome!

And so it begins! CGE 2012 Registration kicks off with an excellent pricing whether you sign up for Early Bird, Advance or even at the door tickets. Additionally, the lovely and newly renovated Plaza Hotel is the venue and the special CGE rates are quite affordable at $65 per day for a Deluxe room. Of course, you’ll need to do something about transportation to and from  Las Vegas (road trip!) as well as any sightseeing options. As for food, well you’d be surprised (or maybe not so surprised) to find way too many options in Vegas to make sure you’re not going to starve at any hour of the day.

Back with more CGE 2012 updates as they’re announced…

Classic Gaming Expo 2012 Update: Vegas, Baby!

And here you go: the first official update on next year’s CGE! I’d only been to the show once when it was at the Riviera a few years back, but I see the renovated Plaza Hotel seems to be the place to be next year.  More news to come as it becomes available!

Classic Gaming Expo Is BACK!

Now, I just need to be able to afford to go, grrr! I got this note in my inbox and did a happy dance (despite my lousy finances, it’s great to see the show hath returned!):

YOU WERE THERE FIRST. Not enough time to get this to all of our outlets or properly document it on our website, so those of you here get to hear it first: Classic Gaming Expo 2K12 is ON, it’s August 11th and 12th in Las Vegas at our old stomping grounds, The Plaza Hotel. The Plaza has completely renovated everything from its rooms and casinos to the ballroom itself. We loved it, can’t wait to do this again! More details to follow.

And yes, I’ll be posting those details when I get them. Woo and hoo. Off to find some pennies!

Become Part Of Gaming History – Support the Videogame History Museum!

Now I wish I REALLY had a million dollars to spend. Some friends of mine who are supremely serious about game history (well, because they’re part of it) have a wonderful project going to fund an actual museum devoted to preserving all sorts of games and game goods from the beginnings of the hobby up to today’s games. Check out the project link and video HERE and absolutely DONATE (there are some awesome options that can get you some cool swag if that’s your thing). The team needs $30,000 by September 1, 2011 in order to make this happen and they’re currently at $9,475. Again, check out the link and let’s make this happen!

Classic Gaming Expo 2010 Info!

It’s baaaaaaaaack! Want to spend a weekend in Vegas surrounded by TONS of vintage to current games, game consoles and plenty of cool folks who love them (as well as a few that have created them)? Well, Classic Gaming Expo 2010 is set to take place at the Tropicana Las Vegas on the weekend of July 31 and August 1, 2010, so boogie on over to the registration page and get your pass NOW.

In addition to more games than you can shake a stick at (sticks not included at the show) , AtariAge and Digital Press are hosting a “Retro Rumble” tournament where the best classic gamers can compete to win fame and some awesome prizes. There will more likely than not be an incredible, eyeball searing auction where attendees can snag some really rare games, systems and swag (I’ll update this as info comes in) as well as many special guests

As the press release says:

“Classic Gaming Expo is the largest and longest-running celebration of classic video games, the designers who created them, the players who enjoy them and the fanatics who collect them.”

Anyway, c’mon down, bring the family and prepare to break the bank (or at least maim it slightly)… but not on slots or roulette! You’ll more than likely go broke picking up some great deals on classic to current gaming goodness.