Metal Fury 3000: Cheesy With Intent Means It’s Kind of Awesome, Too

Metal Fury 3000

She does look FAAK-ing familiar, but that’s a good thing.

Speaking of metal, Crian Soft’s new game in progress looks like something out of the pages of Heavy Metal magazine circa 1983 or so. This is a good thing as the developer’s not known for 100% tight gameplay (I’ve played and liked Age of Barbarian despite it being a bit of clunky fun), so I’m not expecting it to break a mold or anything like that. Actually, it is a mold breaker in one way, as it’s the company’s first console release, which is cool (about time!).

Here’s a peek at the game’s first trailer and some screens to ogle. So cheesy it hurts, but hell, I’ll be onboard if it nails more that just the looks just right.

Oh yeah, it’s on, even if it’s not so hot at the end of the day. Hey, if I’m surprised that it’s good stuff, all the better, right?


Karate Master Knock Down Blow 2: Old And New Hit The Mats In This Upcoming Sequel…

Karate Master 2 KDBOkay, so the title is a bit unwieldy in that manner some import games are, and sure, to some of you this looks straight out of 1989 or so. However, there’s a lot going on here in Crian Soft’s in progress fighter that’s worthy of attention, especially if you like your fighting games attempting at least a little “realism.” It seems that the developer is focusing on actual moves and save for the bear fight (!) and car jumping (Okay, I’ve seen it done, but it’s NOT for your average karate student), this one might be a solid little sleeper when it’s finally let loose upon the world.

There also seems to be Steam Greenlight status being gone for with this one and I really hope it makes it as this one’s got sleeper hit all over it if the controls are flawless and the action is thrilling. Granted, the game won’t appeal to everyone, but that’s fine by me as every niche has its fans who will appreciate what’s here far more than those who dismiss what they see without even picking up a controller (as usual)…

Age of Barbarian II On Indiegogo: Your NSFW “B” Game Guilty Pleasure Gets A Sequel…

AoBII_indiegogoWith strong influences ranging from Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories, the classic fantasy art of Frank Frazetta and other illustrators, PC games such as the Barbarian series, “B” games such as Sword of Sodan and many others, Crian Soft’s violent and nudity packed Age of Barbarian was one of those games that drew some controversy in some circles for its decidedly NSFW (and DEFINITELY not for the kiddies content). Granted, if you appreciated all of what the game was attempting in its gloriously macho over the top recreation of its fantasy world, you were grinning like a Cimmerian while playing through the bloody side-scrolling hack and slash action. Conversely, if you were a cranky prude who only saw a trailer or screenshots, you were probably shaking your fists at a monitor and letting your eyeballs and brain boil in your skull.


No matter how you felt about the game, creator Christian Fanucci is in the process of whipping up an even more polished sequel and yes, it’s crowdfunding time! Given that the goal is a pretty modest $12,000 and the funding campaign runs until February 2, 2014, I’d say Fanucci makes his target provided he’s got people who aren’t afraid to fly their flags proudly and say they loved the first game and want to see a second. Given the planned and promised changes to make it an even bigger sequel (Golden Axe style mounts, a bigger world map and many side quests to tackle), this is one of those games that I hope sees everything happen to get it out there and played by those who want more of Rahaan and Sheyna’s adventures on their computers. Forget about this one coming to consoles, as it would probably be an automatic AO for the near nudity and other scenes alone. That said, fans of Conan, the Sword and the Sorcerer and a ton of other 80’s flicks should get this on their plate and check out some of the higher-end rewards, as they’re pretty cool for those with the cash to spare.