Three More Arrow Blu-Rays To Heat Up Summer

Arrow Video June 2015 Releases

Amusingly enough, Arrow and MVD have more than three new releases for June through August, but I’ll get the rest in a separate post as today is a bit haywire. Pit Stop, La Grande Bouffe, and Blood Rage all come to Blu-Ray in outstanding newly restored prints all ready for your viewing and collecting purposes. I’m actually thrilled about seeing Pit Stop make it to Blu-Ray as it’s a film I’d only seen once before on a beat up VHS copy of questionable quality. I haven’t seen La Grande Bouffe in years and I don’t think I recall Blood Rage unless I saw it under one of its other titles back in the 80’s. Well, catching up with these old film friends will be fun for sure.

Back in a bit.

Eggtronic HUB-IT Review: The Humble Charger Goes Social


When you think device charging, you generally don’t think of it being a big social experience. Sure there are those times where you share a charger or charging station with a random stranger, but it’s usually a pretty low key and common thing everyone who owns a device does at some point. On the other hand, Eggtronic’s HUB-IT Sync & Charge Station practically demands to be shared with up to seven other people just about anywhere for a few reasons. It’s larger than a pocket charger, meaning you’ll deliberately be carrying it around to get attention and its unique cartridge based connectors allow for charging everything from iOS and Android devices to handheld gaming systems such as the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Up to 10,000 devices are currently supported, so there’s a very good chance what you have in that pocket or bag can indeed be charged up quickly. Continue reading

Amazon Fire TV: An Interesting Must-Buy For Some. Just Not For Me, Though…

Amazon Fire TV 
Say “Hello” to the Amazon Fire! Sure, it’s only $99 and does that newfangled streaming thing everyone with a proper connection loves (despite some silly issues), but that extra $40 for a controller to play games? Bleah. Amazon could have subsidized that or at least made it cheaper, as I can see multiplayer gaming for families in the same room getting expensive with a few controllers (which this thing hopefully supports). Anyway, If I were to get one of these, I’d only use it for gaming, as the movies I like tend to not be on a streaming service at all or show up, but then disappear after a while, making it tough to have an actual “library” one could call one’s own.

I have a few other issues with this box (and any other “streaming” box out there), but I know most of you are drooling and whipping out that credit card. Well, if you DO grab this, make sure to shell out for that controller and ABSOLUTELY buy Telltale Games’ wonderful, well-written and frightening as hell The Walking Dead game. It’s quite playable even if you’ve never picked up a controller before and if you’re a fan of the comic and/or TV show, it’s a MUST because it introduces a whole new set of characters and situations that will have you hooked in right from the start.

Strange Love: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle

JoJo's All-Star Battle Key ArtNamco Bandai seems to be conducting a little experiment and I’m gathering they need your assistance. For a little while the company has been releasing digital versions of popular Japanese anime-based fighters available overseas as retail and digital purchases, and now they’re trying out a limited edition physical release to go with the (to some) more convenient downloads.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle is coming sometime this Spring via PSN (digital) and as a limited edition physical disc ( and No price has been announced just yet, but I think it’s a good idea as even niche games have fans who want them who can’t buy digital only product. Ever busy developer CyberConnect2 shows once more they’re the master of making anime fighters look as close to their source material as possible, as you can see above and in the screenshots below.

As for what’s on that disc or download, below the jump is some cut ‘n paste press release work plus those eleven screens… enjoy!

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Humor: Samsung’s 45K 4K HDTV Brings Out The Comedy Writers on Amazon…

Samsung UN85S9If anything brings out the division between rich and not so rich in this world, it’s new tech and the premium prices it fetches for new adopters. No one “NEEDS” an 85-inch television with 4K resolution (as of yet, no programming is made in 4K, so you’d be buying a set with potential) that costs $45,000, but some people who can afford this will indeed buy it and enjoy it. On the other hand, the folks whom use Amazon who can’t afford to drop what amounts to a year’s salary (or more for some) on a new telly have been REALLY busy writing up some of the funniest fake reviews I’ve ever read about an actual product. This is why I both hate and love the internet and I hope Samsung isn’t taking this too seriously while maybe thinking about selling its higher-end items somewhere where snarky isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when a high price point is a driving force for some hilariously biting comedy.

Hey, at LEAST the shipping is free. And it’s too damn heavy to get sent by one of Amazon’s upcoming drones… yeesh, what a crap idea.

Gran Turismo 6 Amazon Pre-Order: That Fake Million Bucks Will Get You Really Popular…

As far as gimmicks go, this one’s pretty nifty. Pre-ordering a copy Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3 nets you a cool one million dollars…(YES!) in the game (Oh.) to spend on anything you want (well, provided it’s in the game). While that may seem like a lot of money, I’ll lay a real millionth of that that there will be a few really wicked rides that cost close to that amount, meaning some folks will end up with a bunch of less expensive rides while others will go all out and buy the most expensive two or three and spend the change on buying pricey upgrades in order to blaze past any online competition.

While I prefer MY million real and in small denominations please (ever try and break a hundred buying a slice of pizza when you’re the first customer of the day? Yeah, that’s a pain in the ass), this is a pretty nice bonus that takes up NO shelf space and doesn’t require you to worry about coming home one day to find the dog or cat gnawing on it. On the other hand, if your pet watches you as you game, I bet you’ll wonder why that controller has claw marks all over it and your TV and PS3 somehow keep turning themselves on while you’re not home.


You (Almost) Can’t Hate The Internet Too Much If It Makes You Laugh…

chocobunnyOh, I can’t even explain this one other than to say “That’s how the Internet works!” Anyway, as you probably know, even doing the simplest search for anything online these days becomes a complete loss of privacy (you thought I was going to say waste of time, I bet) as your search is fed to any and every other site or info-gathering robot connected to whatever you typed in and magically (and very often, mistakenly) added to some magic queue that pops up as a potential search the next time you visit tht site or poke around other sites.

Or worse, those words are also used to add search results that can show up as unsolicited non-spam emails (from big companies that want your disposable income in trade for their goods) asking you to buy stuff you don’t want and/or even turn up as ads all over every page you click on. So you can’t get away from that ONE ad until you replace it with other searches. Even if you limit the amount of tracking going on (ha and ha, good luck with that), you’re STILL going to be suggested at some point to point that browser to a site for something you may not have even typed in. Or related to anything you typed in the first place. Bleh… Continue reading