Christmas Comes Early. Or Is It Valentine’s Day?


So, yeah. Christmas came a bit early. My older brother and his kids popped by with a bunch of gifts including this big ass box of chocolates that was fodder for a ton of jokes. Damn thing is big enough to be an end table or a pet coffin (if one had a pet that ate some of that chocolate accidentally) and can probably be re-purposed as a nice hobo suitcase or over-sized book with a bit of DIY ingenuity. As it’s hot as heck in here because of the winter heating, that candy went into storage bags and into the fridge (it’s going to take months to finish it and anyone coming by is getting some whether they like it or not). Um, anyone want a big ass empty candy box? Anyway, I also got some more useful stuff, so it’s all good.

Back in a bit. Or tomorrow, as I’m working on a ton of stuff and need to finish at least half of it before Wednesday…

Throwback Thursdays: I’ll Trade Almost Any Other Thursday For This One…

kitchen nightmare 

Hee-ho! So, I find out that the now asbestos-free kitchen here won’t get that new wall and ceiling until DECEMBER. Over the course of four or five non-consecutive days, at that. Yaaaah. So much for the idea of even thinking of having anyone over for Thanksgiving. Who do I need to send a herd of elephants to run over to get a break here? Anyway, some good news comes in the form a a diversion this evening downtown thanks to La Maison du Chocolat inviting me to sample some of their Holiday Collection. hey, chocolate is good for you when you’re stressed! Okay, I’ll make sure to think of all of you while I’m at the event. I may end up oversampling because I’m thinking of all of you out there, so it’s your fault if I end up in a chocolate haze in some alley near La Maison’s NYC shops selling my coat and shoes for a fix.

Hmmm. I feel a song coming on… fortunately I’m NOT doing the singing:

(Thanks, DetroitLives313!) 

Back tomorrow or perhaps later tonight if I’m not in a cocoa coma. I’m sitting on a ton of drafts and almost done stuff. I just need to get enough time to get away from the madness here to finish stuff up.

You (Almost) Can’t Hate The Internet Too Much If It Makes You Laugh…

chocobunnyOh, I can’t even explain this one other than to say “That’s how the Internet works!” Anyway, as you probably know, even doing the simplest search for anything online these days becomes a complete loss of privacy (you thought I was going to say waste of time, I bet) as your search is fed to any and every other site or info-gathering robot connected to whatever you typed in and magically (and very often, mistakenly) added to some magic queue that pops up as a potential search the next time you visit tht site or poke around other sites.

Or worse, those words are also used to add search results that can show up as unsolicited non-spam emails (from big companies that want your disposable income in trade for their goods) asking you to buy stuff you don’t want and/or even turn up as ads all over every page you click on. So you can’t get away from that ONE ad until you replace it with other searches. Even if you limit the amount of tracking going on (ha and ha, good luck with that), you’re STILL going to be suggested at some point to point that browser to a site for something you may not have even typed in. Or related to anything you typed in the first place. Bleh… Continue reading

I Want Candy: When Language Adds Even More Taste…

Brazilian ChocolatesSo, there’s a box of Brazilian chocolates here from a holiday gift basket and even if they happen to be the worst chocolates in the world (I’m betting they’re not at all), the language barrier makes me want to try them all out. Hell, who wouldn’t want to eat a peanut butter Surreal before bedtime with the hope of having a Dali-esque dream?  Maybe a Seranata de Amor in the morning for you and your sweetie to perk up things before breakfast (if you know what I mean). A Mundy on a Monday makes it less mundane and if you’re in a situation when someone ever asks “What Coco?”… well, whip an It Coco at them and you’re their new best friend (well, until you run out of candy).

Of course, some of the names are harder to sell, with Torrone maybe being too macho a name for a dainty chocolate (it sounds like a movie action hero) and Amendoim having a name reminiscent of a prescription drug (“side effects may include passing out on the couch from overeating…”). Finally, Milk and Mel reminds me of a sitcom that gets canceled after three episodes because no one gets it, but that’s usually because it’s too sophisticated for an audience used to less complex flavors. Update: well, I haven’t tasted anything yet (I think that big slice of cake and cup of coffee earlier is keeping me from temptation), but there was a whole box of Serenata Mix in the bottom of the endless basket. Cocoa coma, here I come… well, perhaps later after I’ve had a long nap.