Humor: Samsung’s 45K 4K HDTV Brings Out The Comedy Writers on Amazon…

Samsung UN85S9If anything brings out the division between rich and not so rich in this world, it’s new tech and the premium prices it fetches for new adopters. No one “NEEDS” an 85-inch television with 4K resolution (as of yet, no programming is made in 4K, so you’d be buying a set with potential) that costs $45,000, but some people who can afford this will indeed buy it and enjoy it. On the other hand, the folks whom use Amazon who can’t afford to drop what amounts to a year’s salary (or more for some) on a new telly have been REALLY busy writing up some of the funniest fake reviews I’ve ever read about an actual product. This is why I both hate and love the internet and I hope Samsung isn’t taking this too seriously while maybe thinking about selling its higher-end items somewhere where snarky isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when a high price point is a driving force for some hilariously biting comedy.

Hey, at LEAST the shipping is free. And it’s too damn heavy to get sent by one of Amazon’s upcoming drones… yeesh, what a crap idea.

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