Big Eyes: Tim Burton Gets Back To The Really Scary Stuff – Reality!

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Okay, clowns of the circus and makeup-wearing movie serial killer variety don’t scare me at all. Those stupid Troll dolls with their wild hair sticking up? Nah, I just laugh at their hideous mugs when I see them. But those Keane paintings? Yeesh. They were SO popular and ubiquitous that as a kid it seemed to me someone was going around and hanging them in every other home or shop window to keep people OUT. Anyway, Tim Burton’s new project takes a look at the rather wild court battle between Walter and Margaret Keane after the mister claimed he did all those famous paintings when in fact, his shy missus did all the brushwork.

While this doesn’t sound like Burton material, the man is actually a keen collector of Keanes, so it’s clear that this one’s a labor of love made for about $10 million (a bargain by Hollywood standards). Still, for some of us, this will be a horror movie. It’s those damn haunting gigantic eyeballs that will seep into your soul and probably age you by a few years before this film is over. Either that, or you won’t sleep right for a week because of those damned BIG EYES burning holes into your miiiiiiiind. Yaaaaaah! Well, if it’s a return to form for the director, I’ll be pleased to see this. I’ll just have to remember to keep repeating to myself “It’s only a movie…It’s only a movie…It’s only a movie…” Yaaaaaaah! Anyway, Big Eyes opens at a theater near you on December 25, 2014.

Perspective: Two Words For Those Cranky Batman Fans: Michael Keaton.

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Hoo boy. Based on the internet collapsing in on itself yesterday and today, you’d think someone ran around kneecapping old ladies walking cute puppies or something across all 50 states and in too many countries around the world to count. It seems that this new age of short attention spanned, easily “outraged” fanboys and girls are forgetting their film history a few too many times, so let’s play Time Machine for a bit. Back in 1987 or ’88 when there was NO internet (well, not what we call the internet these days), I can distinctly recall Batman fans I knew flying far off the handle when the Batman movie was announced with a director they’d barely heard of and a guy playing Bruce Wayne/Batman who’d only been known for being a comedian with not so big a movie resume.

I remember reading the news and thinking one word: DISASTER…

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Random Film of the Week: Sleepy Hollow

sleepy hollowIf you’re a creaky old horror film buff like me, Tim Burton’s 1999 film Sleepy Hollow is a nice little love letter to a few classics. Of course, going in not knowing what the director is paying homage to works just fine, particularly if you also toss out ANY notions that he’s going to to a straight retelling of the original Washington Irving short story. Granted, I’d bet most people who went to see this back when it was released weren’t stuffy critics who poked at the movie for not staying close to that moldy lore at all (or had even read the story, for that matter). If you wanted a well-paced horror flick with some solid performances, great visual effects and a few shocks along the way, you got that and then some. Those of us who saw this with one eye out for the director’s reference material were more likely than not a great deal more giddy by the time those credits rolled… Continue reading

Random Film of the Week(end): Mars Attacks!


As I’m still in full-on Earth Defense 2017 Portable mode this weekend, I figured I’d take a break and catch a movie while charging my Vita. Amusingly enough, Tim Burton’s underrated 1996 sci-fi black comedy was just starting up on one of the Cinemax channels, so I sat and caught one of my favorite end of the world films of the 90’s. Granted, back when it was released, it seems way too many parents were thinking they’d be getting a second Independence Day to take their kids to, so I remember the theater I saw this at on opening day being packed with parents and children (including some on a class trip). Let’s just say that when that flaming herd of cows came running past the camera before the brilliant main title sequence, about a third of the theater emptied out pretty quickly, leaving most of us true Tim Burton fans to our PG-13 rated treat…

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