Games I Need to Play 4: Chernobylite

Well, well… I guess I really need to play this game, too. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Chernobylite, a 3D scanned “science-fiction survival horror experience” from developer The Farm 51, who deserves some sort of award for exposing themselves to the probably still very irradiated location of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, where some of the photo-realistic visuals and locations were derived from. I haven’t touched the Early Access build yet because I’m swamped with stuff to do and my backlog is somewhat long, but that sort of attention to detail makes me want to see what the heck this is all about from a few perspectives. If that trailer is doing its job on you, you can go pick up the Early Access version of the game either on Steam or


Just out for a little walk in the (radioactive) park…

I’ll shut up here and let you ogle more some screenshots and other media on the game’s official site, as I’m I’m the middle of a few reviews and today is extra busy for a Monday. This is also console bound at some point but as far as I can tell, it’s headed for PS4 and Xbox One only.


Get Even Teaser Trailer Gets Really Even With My Skeptical Self But Good…

Yes, it’s ONLY a teaser trailer and yes, it’s a bit on the “too much grey” for my tastes, but considering I was a bit of a pesky Land Snark a few days earlier when I saw screenshots of the up until then title-less game being worked on by developer The Farm 51, it’s gone and made me cut a small slice of crow pie and heat it up for later tonight. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m giving this upcoming PC shooter a hook-less release at all. Those graffiti-covered walls do indeed look fantastic and all, and the premise and promise of solo and multiplayer action being intertwined is intriguing. Hopefully this can be pulled off and done up right so that I can start a review out with a “Finally, someone gets this FPS thing RIGHT.” or something similarly pompous-sounding. Oh wait, that would most likely require me to buy a new PC, as both the desktop and laptop I use are still rockin’ Windows XP (hey, my hundreds of older games LOVE it and my experiences with Windows 8 and 8.1 have been… how do you say, “eeeeennnnteresting”.

Eh, we’ll get to something more modern soon enough. This game’s still in the oven for a while yet and I’m gathering some hands-on time at a press event will help make me more of a decision maker. Of course, that’s usually a bad idea, me making decisions. Last week, I decided to print my own currency and no one would take any G-Bucks. Crap. That’s what I get for NOT deciding to invest in that Bitcoin deal some guy hit me over the head with out of the blue in a Starbucks. “It’s a SCAM!” I thought. “A fool and his money and all that rot” Yeah, a good hundred buck investment to a total stranger (friendly and chatty as he was) seemed like a REALLY lousy idea (He said, crying on his keyboard)… Ah well. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and find I have a skill people will pay real money to utilize… what-ever could that be, I imagine?