Trouble (Living With It)

(Thanks, Thomas Barnett!)

So, the latest advice from the government is more or less let your abuser move right on it and sure, too many of you will possibly suffer the negative consequences. But hey, we’ll tell you you’re 99% safe and the economy is more important than staying alive because you can’t live without a little sacrifice. Or a lot of little sacrifices that add up to be a lot more. Maybe. My head hurts at all this sheer negligence going on, especially when a more urgent and actually powerful federal response would have worked better from the outset, but nope. It’s been hands off and putting people who have no scientific knowledge or care to grasp it “in charge” of not keeping millions of others safe. plus muzzling or talking over the science-minded folks when they speak out publicly, along with promoting the brick-headed, stubborn ones who are afraid of rocking a slowly sinking boat and its erratic Captain Queeg.

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Ah, Bumpy Tuesday! Someone Call The Cops!

(Thanks, Chaplin 1914!) 

Well, okay… it’s not THAT serious so I’ll take the Keystone Cops whenever they can get here, but I am having some connection issues today. Hmm. going through my inbox here I see mostly mail about bundles and more bundles, more news about Microsoft buying Mojang and Minecraft (yeah, it was bound to happen that SOMEONE would snap this up once Notch got bored, but Microsoft? Hmmmm…) and a few media events coming up. Oooh, I get to see some new peripherals later this week! Nice.

Okay, let me mess around here with some computer stuff (or a hammer) and see if I can put up something actually worth reading later this evening or tonight. Hopefully THIS post actually posts, as that seems to be the MAIN problem I’m having today. Boo. In English: “We are experiencing operating difficulties. Please stand by…”

The Internet Hates Me Today, So I Shall Hate It Back. Kind Of…


Hmmm. for some reason, the connection today is TERRIBLE, dropping in and out randomly and frustrating me something awful. It’s actually faster at the Starbucks I’m at that at the library where I usually post from, but ever five minutes or so I lose the signal and important stuff I’m attempting (like downloading some Steam updates and other media) stops cold until the signal comes back. Worse, I could be home wrapping up some reviews (I hate playing PC games in public and I prefer playing Steam stuff offline so my playtime isn’t tracked), but nope, here I sit while the signal visits from time to time and anything I’m downloading resumes when it has the chance. This Tuesday sure feels like a Monday, but I guess that’s what I get because my Monday felt like a Friday. Bleh. Oh well, I’ll give it another 20 or 30 minutes then pack up and go home. Tomorrow is another (and hopefully better) day…

Microsoft Gets (Yet Another) Lesson In The Reality Of Online Only Hiccups…

RROFI don’t use Xbox Live anymore, but some folks who do had a little issue over the weekend… Hmmm. And according to Microsoft, this was “only” due to “routine maintenance”… Uh Huh. Well, that next console is rumored to require an always online connection even for single player offline games and of course, Microsoft isn’t doing the right nor smart thing by totally or even partially denying this. Despite the fact that squashing the rumblings on the internet EARLY goes a long way in assuring they get more people interested in the new system because it will work when THEY want it to… (the plot thickens)Continue reading