Trouble (Living With It)

(Thanks, Thomas Barnett!)

So, the latest advice from the government is more or less let your abuser move right on it and sure, too many of you will possibly suffer the negative consequences. But hey, we’ll tell you you’re 99% safe and the economy is more important than staying alive because you can’t live without a little sacrifice. Or a lot of little sacrifices that add up to be a lot more. Maybe. My head hurts at all this sheer negligence going on, especially when a more urgent and actually powerful federal response would have worked better from the outset, but nope. It’s been hands off and putting people who have no scientific knowledge or care to grasp it “in charge” of not keeping millions of others safe. plus muzzling or talking over the science-minded folks when they speak out publicly, along with promoting the brick-headed, stubborn ones who are afraid of rocking a slowly sinking boat and its erratic Captain Queeg.

(Thanks, PeanutsOnline!)

So let’s see now. No teaching moments for the under-educated and flat-out ignorant  types who need that wake-up call, but we’re going to open schools to kids soon while a virus rages and cross our fingers that all goes well. I see federal, state and city governments nearly everywhere resorting to blaming bars, restaurants and young people for partially spreading the virus. But it’s those same government agencies that allowed states to open up with little to no supervision other than to have non-science folks taking charge of the lives of millions of residents (many who want to follow the science) by telling them lies and withholding and/or manipulating crucial results. Don’t get me started on testing as it’s turned into quite the political football. But we the people are the ones being kicked around, especially in areas that can’t process tests in acceptable numbers or time frames. Or areas that think that more tests are a bad thing it the results prove you’ll see things that perforate that nonsense spouted by assorted political types that less testing is better.

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Hey, I’m all for people who want that choice to be ill-informed all they want and possibly get ill and (perish the thought!) perhaps buy the farm because they lemminged it up and followed poor advice without a proper critical thought. More (temporary) power to then and well, they do get what’s coming to them in that case. But when those people are determined to drag pretty much everyone with them kicking and screaming because the wisest folks see the sheer stupidity in that failed rights exercise and want no part of it? Well, that’s a pure hostage situation or like being trapped aboard a bus headed for a cliff with a suicidal driver at the wheel.

(Thanks, Steve Ramirez!)

Me, I’d rather stay home, make fresh popcorn and watch “B” flicks or play videogames all day over watching ignorant folks commit themselves to doing less than thoughtful things in this pandemic. But it’s as if there’s no choice in the matter and the channel is stuck on a loop of prophetic doom, offering obvious messages that get ignored. Sure, a proper solution here isn’t a good one (no one wants to stay out of work and at home for an extended period of time, of course). But it’s a case where it’s clear that a lot more effort in taking care of many things from a unified federal perspective few months back would have been the safest route instead of falling down this mountain and hoping we hit the softest rocks on the way down.

(Thanks, william geddes!)

Be smart, be safe. Wear a mask, please.



2 thoughts on “Trouble (Living With It)

  1. I’m trying to break the doomscrolling habit and I think today might have been the tipping point where it all comes down to deleting my browser and moving into Final Fantasy XIV permanently like some third world gold farmer. Who am I kidding? We are now the third world!

    See? I need to inject some positivity into my life.

    You stay safe and healthy too, my friend. I personally am beginning to amass a large and fashionable mask collection.


    • I’ve been looking at assorted bandanas like someone in a 50’s film ogling fox fur stoles. A pair of cops in front of the building made me laugh when one said they look at people NOT wearing masks with a more wary eye because they sometimes have the worst reactions to the suggestion they mask up.


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