The Internet Hates Me Today, So I Shall Hate It Back. Kind Of…

Hmmm. for some reason, the connection today is TERRIBLE, dropping in and out randomly and frustrating me something awful. It’s actually faster at the Starbucks I’m at that at the library where I usually post from, but ever five minutes or so I lose the signal and important stuff I’m attempting (like downloading some Steam updates and other media) stops cold until the signal comes back. Worse, I could be home wrapping up some reviews (I hate playing PC games in public and I prefer playing Steam stuff offline so my playtime isn’t tracked), but nope, here I sit while the signal visits from time to time and anything I’m downloading resumes when it has the chance. This Tuesday sure feels like a Monday, but I guess that’s what I get because my Monday felt like a Friday. Bleh. Oh well, I’ll give it another 20 or 30 minutes then pack up and go home. Tomorrow is another (and hopefully better) day…


2 thoughts on “The Internet Hates Me Today, So I Shall Hate It Back. Kind Of…

    • It’s Wednesday tomorrow alright. Or Chump Day for me as I get to start off the day terribly as the hot water is being shut off around midnight tonight (boo!) so some work on the boiler can be done tomorrow. That means a dive into the shower before that and hoping it’s not too hot and humid overnight and into the rest of the day. it’s supposed to be hot, so I’ll need to be filling up a bunch of big pots to keep on the stove (I’m not a cold shower person).


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