PCE Works’ Belmont Survival Kit: Stake Your Claim For This (Vampire) Killer Box Set

PCEW aku_survival_1

As far as the repro game scene goes, the folks over at PCE Works are doing quite possibly the best job out there in bringing gamers who collect these high quality fan-created reissues the best in custom limited editions. If you happen to be lucky enough to sitting on about 240 US dollars (or €219) and want that wonderful-looking wooden crate chock full of goodness for your own game library, boogie on over to the link you’re clicking now and check the availability of this limited edition as well as other PC-Engine gems for sale there.


Gallery: PC-Engine/Turbo Grafx/Duo Library

More stuff from the collection. All the import shooters and some key platformers and RPG’s are gone thanks to selling them off, but there’ still a nice selection of games here including a number of titles that would have given both the SNES and Genesis some decent competition had NEC and TTI had the time and money to localized them. Given that these folks had the first CD-based home console out in Japan before the Sega CD (and more than enough games to support it), I wonder every now and them how the system wars of the early 80’s would have turned out had the T-16, Duo and Turbo Express gotten the proper respect.

What Team Ico “Should”* Do Next (After The Last Guardian, That Is)…

I’ve been kicking this silly idea around for a while (over 10 years), but I’m no game developer at all, just an old gamer and sometimes “idea guy” with a lot of thoughts about how to make good games better and better games even more fun. By the way, game companies DO NOT HIRE IDEA PEOPLE (trust me, I’ve asked). So er, don’t get any wild ideas about becoming that person who thinks it’s a good idea that Nintendo or whomever will want you and your notebooks full of Mario or Metroid levels just because you and your friends think they’ve never been done before. Now, where was I? Oh, right.

Since Fumeta Ueda and company are so great at making beautiful worlds and combining them with thought-provoking stories that don’t use a ton of words to express a wide range of emotions, I’d actually love to see them remake an old favorite of mine that, while not a “classic” at all, is a very intriguing game that has a number of similarities to their work. Continue reading

Texas Cheat ‘Em PC Giveaway Update! LAST ONE!!!

Hey you! Yes, YOU. I still have ONE FREE Texas Cheat ‘Em download code left straight from D3Publisher waiting for takers. PC version, over Valve’s STEAM broadband game download service. Really fun online poker action where you don’t lose any REAL money. AND cheating is part of the game (a fun part, at that)!

Come and get it – don’t be shy!


Gallery: Dragon Age Origins

My, oh my… BioWare is making waiting for Dragon Age: Origins as painful as possible without causing actual physical harm, aren’t they? Just look at these new GamesCom 2009 screens and make believe you’re holding a controller. Hmmmm… between this and the Mass Effect 2 shots, I just may hike up to Canada and camp out for a bit outside the company’s HQ. What’s the weather like up there in November, eh?

By the way, dear reader, the slightly bloodier DA:O screens will appear shortly on my other blog where “M”-rated game screens and video will be posted until further notice. While I;m no prude at all, we don’t want the ESRB harassing my PR pals now, do we?