BioWare & Treehouse Brand Stores Want You to WIN BIG!

Yup, ANOTHER awesome holiday giveaway, this time from Treehouse Brand Stores and BioWare. Click HERE to enter for your chance to win one of 100 very cool prizes including tricked out gaming PC’s, headphones, hoodies and collector art packs! The contest ends in 12 days and if you’ve a Facebook or Twitter account (or both), you get even more chances to snag the swag!,

So get moving already! You guys are super lucky, as we poor media folk can’t enter to snag one of those PC’s (well, that WOULD be a bit unfair and a wee bit shifty, so it’s all good)…

Review: Dragon Age: Origins

Platform: PlayStation 3/Xbox 360

Developer: BioWare

Publisher: EA

# of Players: 1

Rating: M (Mature)

Official Site

Score: A

Has BioWare ever made a bad game? I’m inclined to shout a defiant “No” towards the heavens, as I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve ever done, warts and all. Hell, I may be somewhat biased here, but at least I’m definitely right (that’s a little in-joke, by the way). Anyway, in terms of their RPG output, the company has a superb track record with everything from the Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights games to Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire and even oddities such as Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Of course, their two current console projects, the upcoming Mass Effect 2 and the recently released Dragon Age: Origins will be the games on RPG fans’ lips and minds for quite some time thanks to the developer’s ability to craft completely different sub-genres while consistently bringing gamers superb storytelling and deep, challenging gameplay.

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Thanks to Prima, Dragon Age: Origins Quizzes Me Somewhat…

Well, then – according to this Prima Guides Dragon Age: Origins Quiz, I’m a Warrior! Eeek. I hate playing “tanks” in RPGs. Give me a ranged weapon and some good spells to keep the beasties at bay and I’m a happy camper. We shall see, however, we shall see… The game is out NOW, so I hope you pre-ordered!

Dragon Age: Origins Update: Oghren (Plus Gold!)

It’s all done and gone gold, folks. Dragon Age: Origins has gone into production, so those final retail copies are only a short time away from your hot little hands. BioWare has also announced a DA:O social network which you’ll be able to read more about below this week’s character update. Anyway, without further adieu, heeeeeeere’s Oghren!

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Dragon Age Origins Update: BioWare Gets (Even More) Social!

Sure, you’re probably thinking “Whaaaaaaaat, ANOTHER social networking site?” But hell, how many are for what could be one of the best console or PC RPGs you’ll play this year? Think about that for a hot minute after you read this press release, hit the DA:O website, check out the Sacred Ashes video if you haven’t seen it yet and click on over to the main page to create an account and play around with the character editor… (*whew!*)

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Dragon Age: Origins Double Update: Premium DLC On Day One!

Yowza – Yeah, yeah, I JUST ran a post on the game, but I just now checked my VPO email and this popped out at me. Man, this whole Dragon Age: Origins deal is getting pretty damn awesome by the day, huh? BioWare just plain rocks when it needs to (which is always in my book). Check out the official press release for the juicy, happy details… and go PRE-ORDER the game if you haven’t, grrrrr…

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Dragon Age: Origins Update #6: Broodmother

In this week’s Dragon Age: Origins update, we take a look at one particularly nasty game bug (what?)… one that’s supposed to be in the game (calm down, now), and a BIG one at that (You may want to start screaming right about… now). Ewwww. I could say something silly like “Brood to the Mother” or worse (although that’s pretty damn terrible), but I’m only trying to lighten the mood a bit. Man, is that one ugly mass of monster. She looks like she ate Jabba the Hutt, his entourage and about half of the Death Star with a side dish of cold Cthulhu cutlets. Color me rattled. Thanks, BioWare. Get the Raid and hobnail boots ready, folks – here’s this week’s intro text and screenshots (and a nicely bloody trailer, which is HERE – not for the kiddies):



No one knows how the Darkspawn truly live in their tainted warrens beneath the earth, although a few Grey Wardens have, on occasion, delved deep into the old Dwarven tunnels in an effort to find the heart of the Darkspawn corruption and scour it clean. Those who ever returned, did so with ashen faces and spoke only of a creature called a “Broodmother” that haunted their dreams for the rest of their short existence. What the Broodmother truly is, only the Grey Wardens know for certain.

Dragon Age: Origins hits stores on November 3rd for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Back with another update soon!

Dragon Age: Origins Update #5: The City of Denerim

This week, lets take a little trip to one of Dragon Age: Origins’ huge cities, the capital of Ferelden, also known as Denerim. It’s a nice place to visit, but you all know how the rest of that old saying goes, especially if the real world is beckoning you away from more play time with BioWare’s upcoming epic Action/RPG. Well, grab that passport anyway, this is only a short hop today!

By the by, I missed an update regarding the game’s soundtrack, so I’ll just quickly report that the very talented Inon Zur is doing the music for the game. A well-respected composer of film, TV and game scores, he’s done some great work in games such as Shadow Ops: Red Mercury, Lineage II, Fallout 3, both Crysis titles and many others. Meanwhile, back at the travel agency, your cart is ready – shall we get on with the tour?

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Dragon Age: Origins Update: Meet Zevran!

In this latest Dragon Age: Origins character reveal, we meet up with one of the game’s more interesting personalities and yes, he can be part of your party, i hear. Check out the bio on this guy and check to see if you still have your wallet afterward…

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Dragon Age Origins: Meet Leliana

In this week’s Dragon Age: Origins update, we’ll take a look at one of the game’s female characters, Leliana, a bard from the land of Orlais who also happens to be a selectable party member and from what I can tell a “romance” option in the game. As I can see some of you less lucky guys getting royally slugged by your real-life significant others over choosing this lovely virtual redhead as your potential partner, you may want to keep the fawning to a minimum…

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