Bundles Up, It’s Games Outside!

Batman Arkham Complete Bundle Stars

Well, I’ve been busy working on stuff and hoping I don’t blow a gasket because of the sloppy job going on this week in the kitchen. Anyway, here are some AMAZING game bundle deals for you bargain hounds out there. Let’s just say the first three games in the Batman: Arkham series for ten bucks over at Bundle Stars is SUCH a steal that you better not be at all surprised when Batman himself pops into a window and knocks you out for getting those games so cheap.

Humble Weekly Bundle Iceberg Games

Meanwhile, the Humble Weekly Sale features a nice mix of Iceberg Interactive games for a low price. Pay what you want for four games, make it $3.60 or more for seven games, and if you’re feeling generous, $25 gets you eight games including a few mighty and massive space simulations that will take you forever (and a day) to complete. All that and the Humble Store is blowing out a ton of games for low, low prices in its Humble Store Winter Sale. Remember, you’re not only filling up your hard drive, you’re helping out assorted charities in the process. Get busy so you can get busy, I say!

Batman: Arkham Asylum Drops Into Stores

Of course… some of you lucky folks reading this have it already, thanks to a few game shops slipping copies into your hot little hands this past weekend. While I was being creeped out by the frightening brilliance of Cursed Mountain, baffled by the board gaminess of Hurry Up Hedgehog! (review coming shortly) and going through a few other titles, YOU were being the Caped Crusader, that Dark Knight Detecting and Dishing out Deadly Damage against Denizens of that Dank, Disturbing Domicile known as Arkham. Yeah, I grew up watching that campy Batman TV show, so sue me. Continue reading