On Der Backlog: More Movies Than You Can Stick A Shake At

mo_movies_mo_reviewsGah. More stuff to review, but not review in a few cases where that homework was already done. I did a few of these already based off of TCM showing them during the wee hours, so I’ll only need to do five of eight. Five of these are from Severin Films’ big sale last month after their publishing rights expired for Horror Express, The Baby, Bloody Birthday, The House of Seven Corpses, and Psychomania. I actually thought I’d reviewed HotSC already, but can’t locate the review, so I guess it’s one I dreamed I wrote or something. No big deal, as I’ve seen this enough to tap out impressions in my sleep.

Vamp is yet another Arrow Video screener I need to get to, Just Desserts I’ve seen already and need to write up (it’s brilliant), and MVD Visual sent over this lovely Unearthed Francesca set that includes a Blu-Ray/DVD and soundtrack from this recent retro giallo that, based on the trailer I just watched, REALLY looks as it was made in the 70’s.  Anyway back in a bit with a review of something NOT here I think you’ll like.




Severin Films’ Loss Is A “B” Fan’s BIG Gain

WOW. Five offbeat horror DVD or Blu-Ray DVD sets for $30? SOLD. From the official site blog:

Attention Severin fans! Our rights are expiring for Psychomania (DVD), The Baby (DVD & Blu-ray), Bloody Birthday (DVD & Blu-ray), Horror Express (Blu-ray/DVD combo) and House of Seven Corpses (Blu-ray/DVD combo) very soon so we need to do a little bit of house cleaning and clear as much product out as possible.

For this listing, you can get all FIVE (5) of these titles for $30. Please indicate if you prefer DVD or Blu-ray (where applicable) in the comments section upon checkout.

We also have another listing available where you can pick THREE (3) titles for $20, or you can buy them individually for $10.

That’s it! Easy as can be! Now go buy one of these titles and backfill your Severin catalog. Be sure to tell a friend. Tell a non-friend. Tell your grandmother. Tell your neighbor’s dog. Spread the word and help us clear out the old to make room for lots of new coming up.


Retail therapy works best when you get what you want and can spread the love all over the place. Now go buy something gift-y for yourself or a few friends.


Back on Track (Sort of)…


Okay, I’m back from my self-imposed exile. Actually, I was working on a second and third Sunday post, but I got caught up in the gap between slow home internet and discovering something unusual in a game I was playing that I had to see through to the end to make sure it was a legitimate thing and not some oddball glitch that went nowhere. Anyway, off to catch up to my brain, which is already somewhere in Thursday plotting and planning away.

(thanks, Tolis1989!) 

I hate it when it does that, as that means it’s going to get me trouble before I know it. But I think I can keep up with it this time if I toss a few distractions its way (some bad movies usually do the trick)…

Random Film of the Week: Horror Express

(Thanks, Garbage Cinema!) 

Horror Express To me, Horror Express is an excellent example of a perfect “B” movie. Not FLAWLESS, mind you, but perfect in the solid manner it locks you into your seat right from the beginning and takes you on a nearly non-stop roller coaster ride that’s terrifying, amusing and very, very satisfying by the time the credits roll.

Granted, the version I first saw on New York City’s WOR-TV (Channel 9, to those in the know) had no end credits at all and subsequent countless viewings on that channel (where the film seemed to be in heavy horror rotation every few months) led me to believe this was the way the film was in its initial theatrical release. However, when checking this horror classic out recently on a borrowed Blu-Ray, I discovered the film did indeed have credits, but they were in Spanish, meaning whomever prepared the US version or television edit saved some money (and about a minute or so of time) by merely chopping off those end titles and that was that…

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