Happy Almost New Year (Burying The Hatchet With Haste Edition)


This year has been significantly… bumpy (to put it mildly). Here’s hoping 2017 gets off to a better start, although it’s going to be rough seas ahead in some important areas. I’m expecting mistakes to be made with either no or poor to unacceptable excuses made for each error that erases something that was just fine before the hammer fell on its foot hard. And that’s just here on the getting stuff done front, ha and ha-ha.

Or, to get real, let’s use Psycho II (a far better film than some give it little to no credit for) as a perfect analogy of just how crappy this year has been on some key fronts. That murderous old lady is 2016 and NormanBates is 2017. It’s your move, Norm:

(Thanks, IntgrScienceFilms3!)

Okay, let me shut up and go try to be a bit more productive. If I don’t post anything else today, Have a Happy New Year celebration, be safe and better yet, be prepared for the coming storm or at least, be ye not wholly surprised when wolfy promising yields rather sheepish results.



I Hate You (Again and Always), Internet…


Ugh. Here we go again with the “Change your passwords!” craziness. This internet stinks because it’s like someone swiping your house keys every few weeks (or more) and you needing to pay for new locks each and every time. Er, with the exception of one forgetting to take all the old keys off that huge keyring. Amusingly enough, I’ve changed my passwords so many times this year that I think I’m behind in sending myself coded hints as to what they are on some sites (yaaaaah!).

Anyway, I think we need to start hanging some of these annoying cyber crooks in the virtual public square just because it’s a pain in the ass to have to wake up to yet ANOTHER “Change your passwords!” panic that just shows how crappy “security” is online.pretty much everywhere you go using any device. And screw the vague “reporting” on this story. A billion people and 400,000 sites compromised? Well, no names and no sites listed means yup, madness (again). I despise changing passwords because I tend to use some slightly elaborate ones and it’s getting harder to think up ones I can remember easily. I don’t trust password generators or sites that save passwords in bulk because they’re ON the internet (duh) and no doubt targeted by these not so nice folks.

Feh. Off to change some passwords. This could (and will) take a while, grrrr. Stupid Internet.