An Animated Discussion (Part 2)

Now, where were we…


Cutting to the chase, maybe? Right, then. Here’s what was in that care package that was retrieved by a friend for his two kids as they were struggling with a no internet challenge. I’d say that package worked for its purposes pretty well, but we’ll see what the kids thought:

flintstonesThe Flintstones The Complete First Season: This one went over big because neither kid has seen the older version of the show in any sort of order before, but they definitely got it’s influence on The Simpsons and Dear Old Dad said he went out and got a Honeymooners collection DVD from a local pawn shop at some point so they could take a deeper dive down the road.

I’ve always thought the first three seasons were the best, as the animators were still working on a few things and the some of later seasons’ episodes felt a little stale. That said, every season has quite a few stellar episodes, and on the while, it’s a classic series worth seeing in full.

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If The World IS Going To End, I’m Goin’ Out Watching Cartoons…

Harveytoons NO, I’m not one of those doomsayers who’ve managed to mix up a bunch of ancient religions, useless superstitions and poor scientific knowledge into some crazy idea that the world will be no more thanks to a misread stone calendar, a planet we’d have seen for many years about to crash into us or some other scenario cooked up by people who shouldn’t watch so many bad movies late at night. But, whatever. All I know is I’ll be charging my laptop up just in case SOMETHING does happen and the power goes out so I can relive some childhood memories on the supposed day of dooms. If we all go up an a ball o’ fire, I’ll die with a smile on my face. If we don’t, I’ll still be smiling while others are demanding their money back from those folks who’ve raked in a mint from suckers who should know better. Anyway, if you hear some chuckling while people are jumping out of buildings screaming, that’s not me laughing at fools taking themselves out of the gene pool – that’s just me in front of the TV having a blast (and a big bowl of cereal, most likely)…

La Petite Parade: Because You Need A Decent Laugh Once In A While…

I haven’t seen this vintage cartoon in ages, so thanks to a friend I ran into a few weeks back and a conversation we had about Harveytoons, here you go. I bet that version of the parade music the matchmaker sings in his hilarious complaint to the Minister of Parades gets stuck in your head after watching this. You’re welcome.

Oh, by the way (or: memo to the crazy people who watch too much cable news and believe what’s said about foreign countries), French people aren’t really like this at all. So don’t go looking at this as a “historical” document or anything like that.