Gallery: PlayStation 2 Library (US)

Minus about 15 games that are out on loan, here you go. I have to call this gallery “updated”, as it was a lot larger a few years back. I had close to 450 or more games here at one time, but it was a bit hard to get anything for any other system stored, so I started whittling down quite a bit. There’s an import in one of these pics (oops), but that’s because it was borrowed before and returned after I took pics of my PS2 imports Yes, there were a few Final Fantasy games here, but those went to someone who’s probably a lot more appreciative of the direction the series has taken than I am. I think I sold off a few games I meant to keep otherwise for reference purposes (oops), but most of what I’m looking for is dirt cheap these days and pretty easily located.  As for some of the pricier games I no longer own or never got around to getting, well, I’m not dead yet…

Yeah, yeah, those press DVD’s aren’t “games”, but they were on the shelf, so in they went. I have a ridiculous amount of press kits stored here in a few bins (I saved nearly everything I’ve gotten since the late 90’s), so perhaps I’ll post a gallery of those if you ask nicely. It’ll take me a while to go through them all, that’s for sure…

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