Random Art: You Get a Moon Carpet! And YOU Get A Moon Carpet!…

Moon Carpet 

Okay, it’s not a REAL moon carpet, but hey, it popped up in a dream I had while resting yesterday, so I’m sharing. Eh, I should probably tinker with it some more so it looks like something closer to a moon surface and not a close up of some bad skin condition. But hey, maybe that was what I saw in the dream and not some rug made of green cheese or whatever the moon is made up of. Hmmmm… it does tie the room together, doesn’t it?

12 thoughts on “Random Art: You Get a Moon Carpet! And YOU Get A Moon Carpet!…

    • Well, if there’s ever a skin condition called Moon Carpet, I’m calling dibs on the all-over print T-shirt rights. or something like that. Of course, I need to check the Urban Dictionary to see if it’s a term for something else. On that note, do NOT look up Camel Kisses. Or go on ahead if you want to. It’s a free country!

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    • Oh, I don’t even want to get THAT close to that guy. He’d probably knock himself out running into a wall if I got within 50 yards, anyway. I wouldn’t even notice because I don’t care about the guy. But I’d feel the rumble when he hit the ground after he hit that wall…


      • Road triiiiiiiip! Hmmm… I’d call “shotgun!”, but there’s a 100.1% chance we’d see plenty of them outside that office. Um, “Kevlar onesies with full face masks!” Double Hmmm… That doesn’t have the same zing to it (or was that something whizzing past my head just now?). But who wants buckshot between the teeth, right?


      • Penis extensions, all guns are penis extensions.

        Kevlar onesies sounds kinda hot, on a lot of levels. I think we should just stay in motion the whole time for safety. We could rent a couple Segways and do a drive-by, sort of a love-in at twelve miles per hour. Then, pizza.


      • Well, we’ll be going 23mph if it’s a tandem Segway and you’re the fuel supply. I was in Hawaii a long time ago and had to explain to some people what was up with the pineapple on pizza thing. I was at a loss, but it was a pretty funny conversation because at some point I was asked while being served a dish with white rice in it if we ate rice on the mainland. Well, yes we do… just not on pizza.


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