Christmas Comes Early. Or Is It Valentine’s Day?


So, yeah. Christmas came a bit early. My older brother and his kids popped by with a bunch of gifts including this big ass box of chocolates that was fodder for a ton of jokes. Damn thing is big enough to be an end table or a pet coffin (if one had a pet that ate some of that chocolate accidentally) and can probably be re-purposed as a nice hobo suitcase or over-sized book with a bit of DIY ingenuity. As it’s hot as heck in here because of the winter heating, that candy went into storage bags and into the fridge (it’s going to take months to finish it and anyone coming by is getting some whether they like it or not). Um, anyone want a big ass empty candy box? Anyway, I also got some more useful stuff, so it’s all good.

Back in a bit. Or tomorrow, as I’m working on a ton of stuff and need to finish at least half of it before Wednesday…

I Want Candy: When Language Adds Even More Taste…

Brazilian ChocolatesSo, there’s a box of Brazilian chocolates here from a holiday gift basket and even if they happen to be the worst chocolates in the world (I’m betting they’re not at all), the language barrier makes me want to try them all out. Hell, who wouldn’t want to eat a peanut butter Surreal before bedtime with the hope of having a Dali-esque dream?  Maybe a Seranata de Amor in the morning for you and your sweetie to perk up things before breakfast (if you know what I mean). A Mundy on a Monday makes it less mundane and if you’re in a situation when someone ever asks “What Coco?”… well, whip an It Coco at them and you’re their new best friend (well, until you run out of candy).

Of course, some of the names are harder to sell, with Torrone maybe being too macho a name for a dainty chocolate (it sounds like a movie action hero) and Amendoim having a name reminiscent of a prescription drug (“side effects may include passing out on the couch from overeating…”). Finally, Milk and Mel reminds me of a sitcom that gets canceled after three episodes because no one gets it, but that’s usually because it’s too sophisticated for an audience used to less complex flavors. Update: well, I haven’t tasted anything yet (I think that big slice of cake and cup of coffee earlier is keeping me from temptation), but there was a whole box of Serenata Mix in the bottom of the endless basket. Cocoa coma, here I come… well, perhaps later after I’ve had a long nap.