IndieGala Hump Day Bundle: Ignore That Camel. Buy Some Games Instead

indiegala hump day bundleMore bundles? No problems! “What day is it?” and yeah, yeah… you know the rest. Stupid CG camels. Anyway, say hello to the IndieGala Hump Day Bundle.  Go click on that link to the left and pick up three games for a buck or (even better) a dozen for a measly $2.99 plus no tax (well, in the U.S. of A., at least). Pay more if you please, as what you spend supports charity. Even if you don’t go the low-ball route and pony up a bit more you’re still getting an excellent deal on what’s here.

Oh, did I mention the Spring Rush Bundle is on sale? Well, it IS! Go get it as it’s got even more fun to funky titles on it. It costs a little more, but it’s the same buck for three title tease to lure you into looking before you decide to commit to just plopping down about seven bucks for nine games total.


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