Gallery: Game Cube Library

And here you go, minus a bunch of stuff I played and sold or traded. Yes, the Windwaker manual is signed by Miyamoto, so that’s something off my bucket list (only 90,000 things left… yikes). Note to Dreamcast fans (and the guy who emailed me): SEE, I do have Skies of Arcadia after all. I did have the Eternal Arcadia box at one point as well as the US SoA for my DC, but sold them both off a long time back.

Anyway,  Yeah, I need to get Baten Kaitos 2 one day, as I missed it when it came out and I liked the first game quite a lot.  Yes, the last pic with the demos, GameCube promo DVD and Pac-Man VS. is here because I found them after I took the other pics (oops). Note: I only had about a dozen or so Japanese titles, but those are gone now. I think I still have a promo DVD with a booklet from Japan around here somewhere. but I can’t find it at the moment…


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