Amnesia Collection On PS4: Twist Your Mind With Fear (More So Than Usual)

I kind of wish I had amnesia right about now, but it’s more important to stay frosty an alert out in the real world. That said, I still wish I had Amnesia, but this desire is actually in the form of Amnesia Collection on the PS4. It’s not on the PSN Store as I type this, but trust me, it’s going to be at some point today. If I’m in the mood to camp out under the covers later, perhaps a buy and play will be made. The first game and it’s shorter sequel, Justine, may have aged visually over the last five years, but my money says those old Lovecraftian shivers will still work perfectly.


Amnesia Collection PS4: One Rule of Fear, Broken For The Streamer Age

So. A big fat resounding YES booms out here to the upcoming Amnesia Collection for PlayStation 4, set for a November 22, 2016 release. Featuring all three entries in the “series” (Amnesia The Dark Descent, Amnesia: Justine and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs), I’m going to dive on this set of scares like a thousand dollar bill scooting down an empty street on a slightly windy day. On the other hand… that trailer above gets a sore thumb in the eye for going the pesky paid YouTube screamer/streamer route when something a lot less… annoying would have been perfect.

A good deal more so, in fact.

Take a look at the original PC trailer for Amnesia: The Dark Descent:

Effective? Yep. Disorienting? Definitely. I’m not sure who put this new trailer together, but it just makes a truly frightening game experience into another jump-scare game that are literally a dime a dozen (or free) on Steam. Now, I’m not one of those off the wall gamers screaming for a boycott or spewing bile over a not so hot (and at the end of the day, minor) decision made by whomever. It’s just that I like having one game that’s actually unnerving to remain so without the possibly fake or overplayed reactions you can see dozens of on YouTube on a daily basis.


SOMA Gameplay: While You Were Sleeping, Frictional’s Been Busy


The more I see of SOMA, the more I want to play it and hear about others playing it. This slow-burner of a sci-fi horror game from Frictional Games looks fantastic and as you can see, has atmosphere to burn in spades. I do love that the game builds up to what’s in this 12+ minute video and will most likely leave viewers interested in the game wanting to grab it just to see how everything falls into place. It seems that players will be in for an excellent blend of adventure game search and use, environmental hazards and one pretty oddball opinionated machine. Iie arigato, Mr. Roboto! Yikes. Anyway, SOMA is out September 22 on PC and PS4.

SOMA “Lambda” Trailer: Frictional’s Upcoming Game Is Drowning In Atmosphere…

Literally and figuratively it would seem. And all this time I thought it was going to be a more landlocked futuristic experience. Oops. On the other hand, it still may be, as this long teaser doesn’t explain much other than sometime in the future we’ll see a 100 percent waterproof computer that’s probably a few generations too large. Unless, of course this whole wearable tech trend that I despise so much fails miserably like it needs to. That and the death of the “holodeck” as a potential money wasting concept only the stupidly wealthy can afford. Bleah. Just give me a good game, something to play it on and if it’s not a handheld system, a controller and I’m happy. Anyway, SOMA isn’t out for a while (2015, it’s looking like) – more updates to come as they drop.

SOMA Update: Theta of the Absurd, Getting Creepier By The Second…

Okay, my pun-like reflexes are a bit sad and lonely today, but that’s what happens when you just finish hanging a bunch of laundry and haven’t had that second cup of joe yet. Anyway, Frictional Games’ upcoming PS4 and PC exclusive, SOMA is looking quite nice in this latest clip and while the game won’t be done for a while, it’s looking like one to watch as it progresses. I still want Frictional to give the world a FIEND update, as that scary little top-down horror gem deserves a nice modern update at some point. Although, not that I think about it… I’m not sure if I’d prefer a first-person viewpoint, as you could see all those damned deadly holes you could avoid falling to your death into with the bird’s eye view. Eh, we’ll see what happens in the future when we arrive. SOMA’s the game to concentrate on for the moment…

SOMA Update: Freaky Friday Nets You Two New Videos. Or Three…

Frictional Games’ upcoming hybrid sci-fi/horror game, SOMA gets two nice new trailers in the form of another live action update and a gameplay teaser that’s popped up on Frictional’s YouTube channel and Sony’s PlayStation channel. That the game is coming to the PS4 as well as PC makes me smile because this may mean we see Frictional perhaps bring Amnesia: The Dark Descent to Sony’s new console or something all new and scary as hell to put horror fans under their couches.

And innnterestingly enough… the PS$ trailer is a WHOLE two seconds shorter than the PC version. Oooooh, creepy! OK, not creepy at all, folks – I have the window open and it’s chilly in here! Anyway, my eyes are peeled for this one to be a big fat sleeper hit. We’ll see. Of course, getting this on a DISC along with some of Frictional’s other games would be perfect, but we’ll see what happens with that soon enough…

Your Friday Evening Slight Freakout, Courtesy Frictional Games

Hmmm. It looks as if Frictional Games is working on a new horror game and as this slow burner of a live action teaser shows, it will have a sci-fi angle. I’m a huge fan of the developer’s three Penumbra games and Amnesia: The Dark Descent and while I’ve yet to play their latest, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (developed by The Chinese Room), the mixed reactions I’ve seen and heard make me more intrigued because it seems some were expecting one thing and got something else entirely that stands up on its own for the most part. Anyway, the new game (which seems to be titled SOMA) already has a teaser site up that’s intentionally designed to look a bit glitchy, so don’t freak out if you click on that link and see some garbage on your screen for a spell.

As for gameplay and screens? Well, I guess I’ll keep an egg peeled on my inbox and see what pops up in there. Back in a bit with more on this one once that happens…

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs: Pre-Order NOW (And Prepare To Hide Under Something Later)

webpage_headerFrictional Games is teaming up with the VERY great and talented hands of the fine folks at The Chinese Room (who did a marvelous job with Dear Esther) to get horror and horror game fans some spine-shaking true scares in this upcoming “sequel”. If you’ve yet to play the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent, drop something and do so this weekend or so, as it’s quite a ride from start to finish…

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Finally) Crawls Onto Steady That Spine!

If you’re a fan of horror but not a gamer, you might not initially be interested in Amnesia: The Dark Descent because it’s a video game and you’ll probably have preconceived notions of running around with a gun and shooting up zombies or whatever until your brain walks out of your left ear in protest. On the other hand, all you need to do is watch that trailer above, smile (and perhaps shiver a little) before boogieing over to to check if your computer can indeed run this supremely scary gem from the fine folks at Frictional Games. System requirements are pretty low, so I think some of you folks without beefy gaming rigs but a recent to decent 3D card can get this going and spend the next few days under the bed after you’ve played. Or tried to play but got too damn freaked out and couldn’t take another step.

Yeah, the game is THAT creepy. To me, at least… I think it will scare the crap out of you as well – give it a go and let me know what you think…

Humble Indie Bundle Out NOW (And it’s The Best One Yet!)


HEY! You’ve only 11 days left to snap up one of the best deals in gaming (ever!). Pay what you want, get five amazing games which would normally run you $110 if you bought them separately. Yes, your brain is hearing that correctly and YES you can and should do this, I say.  If you’ve never played Amnesia; The Dark Descent, Bastion, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, and LIMBO, the deal is already a must buy, but add in Psychonauts and well, you’re getting not only one of the best games this century, you can also probably fire your therapist. Or at least, cut down visits to once a month (or less). Anyway, head over the the Humble Bundle site and download these awesome titles. Did I mention your purchase helps out the Child’s Play charity?  Well, I just did, so there! Still, it’s too bad this deal isn’t on a disc or consoles, as I’d see it selling VERY well indeed at around $40 with some nice artwork and maybe a PDF manual for every game on that disc (or disc set).