Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs: Pre-Order NOW (And Prepare To Hide Under Something Later)

webpage_headerFrictional Games is teaming up with the VERY great and talented hands of the fine folks at The Chinese Room (who did a marvelous job with Dear Esther) to get horror and horror game fans some spine-shaking true scares in this upcoming “sequel”. If you’ve yet to play the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent, drop something and do so this weekend or so, as it’s quite a ride from start to finish…

The game is set to be released later this year (October seems to be the bet here and maybe in time for Halloween? That would be cool) and can be pre-purchased for $15.99 ($4 off the launch price) on or Desura and YES, you should think about laying some coin down for this one. or at least keeping an eye peeled on the game’s page for updates.

For me and my two crap computers (soon to be three, I think), what’s most impressive about these games is this little and IMPORTANT factoid from the page:

You can expect classic Amnesia gameplay, physics interaction and the signature blend of high-end gaming with low system requirements.

Which is something more developers NEED to realize. Not every gamer they want to play their games has the means to keep upgrading that rig at a moment’s notice or twice a year or whatever. That and you CAN make great looking games with almost any engine if you put your mind to it. More will come to your parties if you allow the option for those people to play with what they currently own. Of course, I’m NOT saying Windows 98 or under stragglers need apply (Duh), but this game looking so great not requiring a new 3D card is a big deal that makes me automatically recommend this to any horror game fan.

Anyway, you’d probably like to know exactly what Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is about other than sounding like a Pixar version of a Nine Inch Nails song (which it most DEFINITELY is not, mind you). Well, in the interest of you needing to love a good mystery… I’m not telling you a thing, as you can get that info from the official site. That and hell, I want you to do some poking around there just so you can download and try two of the three Penumbra games (the trilogy is a measly ten bucks!) and maybe check out the original Amnesia while you’re at it…

201210_aamfp_screenshot_1 201210_aamfp_screenshot_2 201210_aamfp_screenshot_3

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