Martin Scorcese Misses An Opportunity For More Laughs With Siri…

As soon as I saw this latest iPhone ad I thought what a whole lot of others who know the director’s work did. When he asks the taxi driver to take another route, it would have been PERFECT to see Robert De Niro as the cabbie. Granted, I’m betting the actor didn’t want to step into Travis Bickle’s shoes again after so long, but still – it would have made the ad even more priceless.

And no, that doesn’t mean I want an iPhone now. Nice try though, Apple.


Why Too Much Tech Might Cause A Second Big Industry Crash… Or Not

Between a few parallels with the gaming landscape in the early 80’s and the fact that the tide can’t stay in forever in terms of the constant push toward new tech at the cost of actual meaningful innovation, I think we’re in for a bit of a bumpy fall (and sooner than some think or even want to consider). There are too many divisions in the current business model between mobile, tablet, social, console and portable games, there’s a big pissing contest going on in the industry over which will kill of what first (despite the fact that they ALL can and should thrive together) and then there’s the whole online-only thing that’s 100% useless when you can’t get online. Don’t get me started on “free” to play games (which aren’t really free), the current PC elitism bile directed at consoles and the foolish Ultrabook nonsense where some companies thought making expensive laptops would be a good idea just because Apple has rooked in billions with its overpriced tech. Then there’s the stupidity of “the uncanny valley” or photo-realism in graphics, which, by the Great Green Pickle has NOTHING to do with gameplay or story (two things that are more important at the end of the day).

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Developer Diary 2: Gearbox Wants You Playiing From Under The Couch

More fun with fast-moving Xenomorphs in this latest dev diary from Gearbox Software and Sega. You can definitely fell the love these guys have for James Cameron’s second installment in the popular film franchise, which will hopefully translate into a game for the ages that’s as scary and action-packed as everyone wants it to be.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS TV Spot: Nintendo Does It Again (Again)

To me, it’s simply amazing that Nintendo can crank out a new Mario game that’s basically an old Mario game with some funky tweaks plus a few innovations every so often and make a mint every single time. Any other publisher that does this gets called all kinds of names and sand kicked in their faces by the more jaded critics and gamers alike out there. But Nintendo seems to have a pretty solid lock on what their fans want to see, so thanks are in order somewhere, I suppose. Of course, if you hate Mario games, your thumbs went into your eyes before you read this, right?

Quickie Import Review: Airs Adventure

I was moving some games last week and this one fell on my head, so I had to see if my memory still works by recalling what it’s about. Well, other than being a collaboration between the generically named Game Studio with ToysPress and May Music, Airs Adventure for the Sega Saturn is pretty dated if you judge it by today’s standards. Granted, it was probably dated by 1996 standards because the game isn’t all that complicated or challenging save for some wandering about necessary mid-game to solve a puzzle. Despite the language barrier It was one of the first imports I was able to complete it twice without understanding any Japanese thanks to the simple combat system, only two party members to deal with and for the most part, fairly linear progression.

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