There Are More Fighters In The New Naruto Game Than Letters In This Title.


Between the massive roster, the all-new Studio Pierrot animation created for the game and the endless hours of fun that will have you and your Naruto-loving friends up (for endless hours, I say!)  I think it’s about time to stock up on a few extra controllers.  Just in case stuff happens.  “WHAT stuff?” you ask? Well, you know… stuff. Now, you don’t HAVE to buy those extra gamepads because I said so, but don’t cell me up at 2AM when you bust your stick and want to borrow one of mine. Go poke around on or something, snap up a few inexpensive Nyko wired controllers and leave me alone, I’m trying to sleep. Good Night!


Defiance Trailer: OK, If The Show Stinks, This Will Be A HUGE Waste Of Time And Talent…


Was that TOO harsh? Oops, sorry (heh). Well, I was trying not to be TOO negative, but I was royally bugged by a few things in the game and TV show description. I’m just saying that this is a massive risk for Sony, SOE, Trion Worlds and the former Sci-Fi Channel (yes, I still refuse to use that illiterate new spelling they paid someone far too much to change a few years ago). Sure, the game looks great so far (and has a way to go before its complete), but what if the vastly hyped upcoming TV show is less Battlestar: Galactica and more Terranova?  Oops. For a few potential players, that would doom the game, especially if they have memories of The Matrix Online or a few other MMO’s that promised the world but gave up the ghost somewhere along the line.

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The Avengers “Roll Call” Trailer: I’d Bet They’d Beat The Crap Out Of The Mousketeers…

OK, big deal. So you survived your significant other dressing up as the Black Widow and pounding you with a wooden chair while on the phone with her mom, (good thing you landed on your hard head, right?), but I don’t think you’re going to last long in Round Two. I’m just saying.. (Aflaaaaaaac!)

Blaze’s GameGadget Is REALLY Cool. I Want One (You Probably Should Too)…

Let’s see now: a discounted price PLUS 30 classic Sega Genesis/Mega Drive titles FREE with the unit if you grab one before April 30, 2012, PLUS it’s packed with some excellent features AND the potential to beat up (a tiny bit) on Apple’s massive success? OK, I’m in. Hmmm. I recently got a Vita and even it’s a little jealous of this handheld. even though Blaze’s slick little device isn’t as “cutting edge” in design, I’m actually looking into acquiring one for the collection at some point.  Anyway, the GameGadget site is live, so go check it out and GET ONEso you can thumb your nose at the mega-corps with one hand AND get to play some great games with the other. Me, I’m stocking up the pennies slowly, so this will get added into the collection at some point.