Some Stupid Things About Rumors And Speculation (Which Is Why I Don’t Cover Them)…

Blah, blah, blah… With all this info leaking elsewhere around the Internet about everything from the Wii U release date to the next Xbox and PS3 consoles blocking used software and requiring an always online connection even for single player games, I figure I may as well let you guys and gals know… I really don’t care and won’t until I actually have a controller in my hand and can get some actual answers about a few things from folks who can spill it without spin. For me, there are too many other important things to cover like actual games and cool stuff that doesn’t involve getting into arguments with random strangers about some dopey rumor mill nonsense that makes less sense the more you look at it.

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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Tutorial: From Software Shows How To Make The Kinect WORK

One of the near-constant gripes I hear about Kinect from some “core” gamers who hate it is that they feel it’s not for the games THEY want or like (or want TO like, for that matter). Well, thanks to From Software and Capcom, a few of those already made up minds may change a bit. The upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor will be on display at PAX 2012 this weekend and will be playable, so I’m expecting a few folks to be hopping on board for this one once they get their hands on it. No, it doesn’t use the Kinect as the sole means of control – From has integrated both a stock 360 controller and Kinect controls together to make one of the most immersive game experiences using the peripheral to date. Hell, I’d MUCH rather be buying a Steel Battalion Kinect Bundle than that Star Wars deal that’s just a cash cow for Microsoft with a not so hot game strapped into the cockpit. Ah well, in a perfect world, this one would get more hype… Go From! Go Capcom!