Some Trailers, “Hmm…” Version

Okay, my “don’t watch any more trailers!” phase lasted about two whole months or so before I started getting bugged by a few folks to, you know, go watch some trailers. I really didn’t want to because in my mind, they make me less likely to want to see a film thanks to too many of them being more or less edited in such a similar fashion that they tend to blend into “CG… or not CG” affairs with performance a secondary consideration. But that’s just my more jaded take. That and hey, I find seeing films totally cold makes them a lot more enjoyable.

In any event, I finally sat down and caught a few trailers for upcoming or already released films and as predicted, liked a few and didn’t like others. Here are a few I liked:



Okay, I’ve liked seeing Kristen Stewart really getting into some roles where you forget she was in all those Twilight films, so this not quite new (it was supposed to be released in 2017) 20th Century Fox release has my interest piqued. There’s an ALIEN vibe here that I like but the film seems to touch a few bases I hope get tackled well. It certainly seems to be more action-oriented than Ridley Scott’s 1979 film, though. But then again, modern trailers tend to make everything in a genre look like it’s going to pack in endless action scenes. I’m hopeful this one explores more than expected and can stand alone without a need for sequels galore. We shall see, of course.

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Wonder Woman May Never Get Her Own Movie, But This Fan Trailer Is Pretty OK…

I’d have preferred the actress put more “oomph” into the shot where she throws that spear and it’s a bit odd in that part where she deflects the bullet because of the scene shifting going on, but otherwise, this is a pretty cool (and VERY professional looking) trailer from Rainfall Films. TO those of you WW fans who were screaming that she’s not busting out of that costume like in some comics that feature the Amazon in all sorts of action scenes, I say go ask any lady with the size boobs you’d think are right for that outfit if SHE’D jump around and do all those kicks without popping out and maybe knocking herself unconscious in the process. Lynda Carter’s outfit was probably a bit painful to wear for long periods on that 70’s TV show, I’d bet. Anyway, I hear that good cosplayers use tape and other methods (not bending over too far and learning how to pose correctly for photos in and out of conventions) to keep their homemade tops up – actual super heroes have no such “luxuries”. Although, hell… if Diana’s got an invisible plane, how come it’s not plausible for her to be wearing an invisible sports bra? Get on it, Bali or whomever- millions of women would love you even more if that were to become a reality…