Interstellar Trailer #3: Brainy Blockbuster Alert…

Chris Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi drama Interstellar certainly looks as if will be quite the ride, but not of the many explosions per second and impossible close calls galore variety. Although, amusingly enough some of that stuff seems to be in this new trailer (out of proper context, I’m gathering). Already, some of the film is telegraphing itself (this looks like a one way trip and the fate of humanity depends on this mission’s success), but par for the course here, I’m not going to let a trailer decide whether or not I like an entire film. I’m kind of immune to most trailers these days, no matter how cool they look or sound thanks to some films being less enjoyable to sit through for longer than the running time of the average trailer. Or am I just being a cranky cynic here? Again.

Anyway, November will tell all about this one and I can certainly wait until then. Heck, my plate is pretty full as it is, so a little suspense will do me good.

SDCC 2014: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Teaser Makes Me Feel A Bit Green…

The third part of Peter Jackson’s busy amusement park version of Middle-earth is on the way to theaters in December and as you can see from this teaser trailer, you’ll be getting pretty much what you expected if you liked the other two parts of this two part film expanded into three. I’m actually a film behind in this saga (I need to see The Desolation of Smaug at some point), so I’m not in a tearing hurry to rush out to a theater 11+ miles away and see this one. Heck, given the extended, special, collectors and other edition home video versions that are BOUND to surface in 2015 and onward, I may as well wait until the DEFINITIVE version of this trilogy rolls out just so I can see every bit of film as it was intended to be seen (er, as far as home versions go). I should probably just follow a friend’s advice and get a nice HD projector to make that one big white wall in the living room a mini movie palace, but we’ll see what happens financially over the next few months or so.

Oh, and you can actually WIN a nice trip to New Zealand to poke around some of the actual locations from the film (minus the green screen effects, of course). That video above will clue you into how to enter and such. Good Luck!

SDCC 2014: Mad Max: Fury Road: It’s Miller Time Again (Hardy Har-Har)…

Well, well, well. it looks as if George Miller is back in the creative chair with this reboot that doesn’t need Mad Mel at all to look pretty action-packed and dare I say… “essential” to some extent. It seems like practical effects are in play for the most part (a good thing), and that offbeat sense of violent humor is intact from the previous Mad Max films. For those griping about the lack of Mr. Gibson, just give it a rest until you see the film next year or at least read a review or two before you put that foot down too hard. I say the man’s too old to be the lead here and he’s box office poison to some people thanks to his outside work views on certain things that can’t be separated fully from anything he does on screen. Besides (and this is the important thing), Tom Hardy is a fine enough substitute as an action hero, especially if this one’s sequel-ready for a few installments and he wants to come back.

So, There’s a Horrible Bosses 2 On The Way. Um, Thanks?

Wait. Horrible Bosses 2? Well, there’s no accounting for taste, I suppose. Now, I didn’t “hate” Horrible Bosses, when I finally caught it on cable but it certainly wasn’t a film I’d thought I’d see a sequel for. The again, it seems that ANY major Hollywood comedy that rakes in some bucks takes the easy money route to Sequeltown, offering bigger paychecks to the returning cast while adding more names into the pot to get those who liked the original to go rushing into theaters for that big weekend or four before slowly to quickly declining returns push the feature down the other road to the inevitable “Own it on Blu-Ray/DVD” commercials that kick off without fail in under six months these days before the film is either bought or not bought on it’s next road to that cable premiere.

I’m not at all interested in Horrible Bosses 2, in case you didn’t guess. Nice try though, Warner Bros. (and that’s all I’ll say about that). Still, I bet there’s a Horrible Bosses 3 next year…

Godzilla Strike Zone Trailer: A Little Free Fun While You’re Waiting…

Interestingly enough, had that new Godzilla film been made about ten years ago, gamers would be playing some new (and possibly rushed to make the film’s release window) game like this with longer levels and perhaps some sort of added multiplayer features. The days of paying fifty bucks for licensed movie games is over, I’d say and so, you get Godzilla Strike Zone for free on PC as a web browser game, on iOS though the App store and on Android through Google Play. Is it any good? Well, that depends on your definition of “good”, folks. It’s fun to play and loud and not very long overall, so I guess that counts as “good” in my book. Granted, you don’t need to know a thing about Godzilla old or new to dive into this and nope, you can’t ever beat FREE in my book even if a game isn’t all that hot. This one’s not going to task your brain in any way shape or form, but I’d recommend playing with headphones or ear buds, as you’ll rattle some windows if you have the volume up too much.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Sounds Like A Court Case. It’s Not.

Well, it’s official and I’ll get used to it, but I’ll admit I laughed out loud and IMMEDIATELY thought of one of those many “Judge” TV shows that crowd television these days. Batman suing Superman or vice versa? For what, one can only wonder. Of course, I’d better shut it with the snark or director Zack Snyder will whip out his trusty Leica, bash me on the head with it and take a photo to post on his twitter page. Ouch. or worse, I’ll suffer the raaaaage of a few hundred thousand DC fans who will be queuing up to see this one as soon as someone posts a release date. Anyway, updates to come when I feel like it. The film just started shooting today in Detroit (of all places, but hey – they NEED those movie studio dollars), so there’s a loooong road to go before it’s a wrap.

Edge of Tomorrow TV Spots 1 & 2: Yeah, Yeah. Cruise-ing Along At Top Gun Speed…

Boom. As good as this looks in that epic, busywork CG explodey summer blockbustah way, as i’ve said before, I just cannot get behind a Tom Cruise flick these days for a few reasons I won’t go into again. I’ll still see this because the trailers make it look interesting, but only when it eventually pops up on cable sometime early next year (I’m guessing January or February based on how fast some films are showing up these days). Yeah, he’s absolute gold at the movies and can act up a storm, but I’ve found there are some people you go through part of life just not liking after a certain point (and that’s all I’ll say about that). Now, I’m not going to stop you at all from spending your ticket money, folks. So have a blasteroo and let me know if this one’s worth paying to see if you do end up going to see it.

Godzilla “Calling” TV Spot: And You’d Better Answer Or Else!

Soooo, what did you do this weekend? Well. it’s STILL the weekend, so what WILL you be doing at some point before this weekend is over? As noted previously, I’d have seen Godzilla already if there was a local theater to see it at, but the last one in this area is being turned into a store we don’t need, sooo… I’m just lurking about doing stuff like posting early on a Sunday morning. Anyway, mixed reviews aside, I’d say the film is going to be a hit with most fans and there will probably be a sequel at some point. Of course, the true test is the overseas box office (as in Japan, where that big lizard was created back in 1954), so I guess Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures will be keeping an eyeball on the reception there as well.

Godzilla: Now Playing AND Coming (Back) To A Comic Shop Near You!

Godzilla Cataclysm CoverYep, it’s here and as I predicted, some of the older and fogey-er critics are knocking this about a wee bit too much, comparing it to the 1954 US dub with the inserted Raymond Burr scenes. Boo on those party poopers and their constant penchant for only art house films and other stuff that’s “dryly entertaining”, I say. Sometimes you NEED a good monster stomping up the joint, even if this film isn’t a big battle royale extravaganza like Pacific Rim was.

Anyway, the big guy is also making a big comeback to comics thanks to publisher IDW, writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dave Wachter. Godzilla: Cataclysm is headed to retailers this summer (actual date TBA), and while not tied in to the film at all, it’s probably going to be required reading for fans of that big ticked off lizard. I’ll need to dig up some pages from this to peek at soon, as that cover is rather nicely done.

Interstellar Trailer: Nolan’s Next Will Be Even More Of A Trip…

interstellar_xlgWhen I first heard that Chris Nolan was making an honest to goodness science fiction picture, I knew it would be packed with a fine cast and at the very least worth a look for its visual effects, I didn’t expect to be as impressed as I was with this first actual trailer. Interstellar poses some interesting questions that look as if they’re going to be answered in a few ways before those credits roll. That, or it’ll be one of those great and very re-watchable “debate” movies as to what it all means.

Interestingly enough, Matthew McConaughey was also in another sci-fi flick that posed some deep questions that got answered, Robert Zemeckis’ Contact, released in 1997 by Warner Bros. to primarily positive reviews. Nolan seems to be looking to go deeper in his film, but we’ll see how it all turns out on November 7, 2014.