Godzilla “Calling” TV Spot: And You’d Better Answer Or Else!

Soooo, what did you do this weekend? Well. it’s STILL the weekend, so what WILL you be doing at some point before this weekend is over? As noted previously, I’d have seen Godzilla already if there was a local theater to see it at, but the last one in this area is being turned into a store we don’t need, sooo… I’m just lurking about doing stuff like posting early on a Sunday morning. Anyway, mixed reviews aside, I’d say the film is going to be a hit with most fans and there will probably be a sequel at some point. Of course, the true test is the overseas box office (as in Japan, where that big lizard was created back in 1954), so I guess Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures will be keeping an eyeball on the reception there as well.

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