Dream Arcades’ “Kegerator” Makes Any Room An Instant Man-Cave!

Dream Arcades just keeps coming up with too many ways for folks who can afford their awesome gear to drop even more of that disposable income. At $3,995, their Kegerator not only packs in a bunch of excellent arcade light gun and other classic titles, you also get THREE beer taps built into the unit, making this a quadruple threat that turns any room in the house into an instant party room! Just add some party-minded guests, some pub grub and a designated driver and you’re good to go.

While the Kegerator is currently out of my own price range, it would make any gamer giddy as a gift and yes, even if they’re a non-drinker, I’m sure someone will figure out a way to get some other beverage hooked into that trio of on board taps. I’d like to see Dream Arcades do something a lot closer to my own budget price range, though. Maybe a tabletop LCD screen kit that sits on top of a six-pack of whatever with a couple of straws coming out?  Hey, I’m broke these days, but I’m still a gamer for life!