Syndicate Hands-On Update: A Fresh Perspective That’s Just Right (Again)

With the release of Syndicate less than a week away, here’s a quick (and mostly spoiler-free) update on what to expect from Starbreeze Studios’ reboot of the PC classic. I had the chance to play through the game’s first two missions plus a tough co-op map with a few fellow journalist types at the Spotlight EA event last week and as I’ve been saying, the game absolutely nails the feel of the original game in many areas, improving on things by dropping the camera to first person and putting you into the shoes of cyber-enhanced corporate agent, Miles Kilo. Those of you out there still skeptically on your internet forum soapboxes need to step down and pick up a controller at some point, as any bit of quality time spent with the game will prove that it’s a winner that improves on many elements the original pioneered.

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Syndicate TV Spot: The Corporate Wars Are Getting Closer…

Nice. I’m sincerely hoping Starbreeze Studios and EA have their collective fingers in their ears and (their bulletproof vests on) when it comes to the silly trolling their baby is getting in some online circles. As noted on the other blog, once you try out the Syndicate demo and things start clicking into place, you’re hooked in and set to roll with whatever the final version packs. Me, I’ve been aboard since last year when I played the demo, so I know the game proper will be outstanding. To those still making Deus Ex: Human Revolution comparisons… well, you’ll just have to see for yourselves that while yes, there are some visual similarities, it’s not even close in terms of a few other key points. Well, there’s not too much longer to wait, so you’ll get the chance to see what’s up shortly… provided you can uncross your arms and look down at a controller instead of sticking your noses in the air…

Syndicate Trailer Twofer: Agent Tech/Agent Tools

Two more excellent trailers from Starbreeze’s upcoming reboot of the PC classic, set for a February 21, 2012 release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. I actually broke out the 3DO version earlier this week for a bit of nostalgia and as noted in my preview, both the old and new game feel like very close relatives, but from a different perspective. I kind of like the whole not worrying much about how the game plays part and hope some of the more stubborn folks out there decide to PLAY this rather than criticize the game unfairly because it’s not the same genre (when in fact, it slyly IS)…

Syndicate Co-op Gameplay Trailers: Classic Meets Current

Submitted for your approval, two pretty cool videos from EA’s upcoming reboot of the PC and console classic. Not only does veteran developer, Starbreeze get it, they get it RIGHT. Reworking some classic Syndicate maps into the new game’s 4-player co-op mode is a great thing indeed and should give the more open-minded loyalists something to think about. As much as I love the original game, it’s not 199X, folks… so it’s time to move on and enjoy what’s here, keeping in mind that the game has the blessing of members of the original’s development team. It’s all coming along really nicely and I can’t wait to see more gameplay videos as the game gets closer to completion.

Syndicate Hands-On: It’s Just Like The Original… But Better.

That’s right, I said it. And yes, Starbreeze Studios will back it up in a big way on February 21, 2012. Based on the demo version I played at EA’s Naughty or Nice event about 2 weeks ago, even the most die-hard fan with greasy smoke coming from their eyeballs and ears about this game should ABSOLUTELY play this modern reworking of Bullfrog’s isometric RTS/Action hybrid.

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