Hotshot Racing – Still An Apex, With A Curve As The Lead


Those extra-wide tracks mean no Hard Drivin’ (ha-ha). Three people will get the reference.

Remember an in-progress game called Racing Apex from what, a few years ago? Well, thanks to developers Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Digital, along with publisher Curve Digital, that game has become Hotshot Racing and it’ll be set to ht the track this spring. The trailer below shows off some nice 60 fps single player mode gameplay, plus the game will support up to 4 players on a single screen with a lower frame rate that still looks pretty solid. Check out the zippy new trailer below:

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Review: DIRT 2 (PSP)

Platform: PSP

Developer: Sumo Digital

Publisher: Codemasters

# of Players: 1 (Wi-Fi: 2 – 4)

Rating: E 10+

Official Site

Score: B

You’d think the portable versions of the stellar console and PC rally racer DIRT 2 would cater more to novice players and in regards to a good chunk of the Nintendo DS version, you’d be right on the money. PSP owners, however, get quite a challenging bit of off-road action in their version of the game thanks to Codemasters and developer Sumo Digital. If you go into this one expecting a total cakewalk, you’ll be wanting to turn your PSP into a Frisbee-SP after about ten or so minutes of smashing into walls and cars at breakneck speed. However, take time to master the controls and the game becomes quite a bit of fun. The overall presentation could have used an extra coat of polish, but we’ll get to that later.

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