Super Fighter Team Kicks Off 2016 With New & Old Releases

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Fans of Super Fighter Team are more than likely pretty pleased and having a Happy New Year plying some nostalgic fun as the two Mega Drive/Genesis titles Magic Girl and Cascade announced early in 2015 have finally shipped out to buyers and the return of Beggar Prince, Legend of Wukong and Star Odyssey means those most asked for titles will finally be re(or re-re)-released at some point this year.

As usual, HUGE Props to Super Fighter Team head honcho Brandon Cobb for fighting the good fight and getting these games out his way in this day and age of plenty of beauty pack reissues of the not so legal sort getting snapped up by collectors in record time. SFT’s small but solid library of console titles make for perfect entry level collector purchases as well as great gifts for your favorite classic gamer.

RPG Trifecta Pack 

If your budget is lower but you still want to surprise someone (or give yourself a gift), you can drop $20 on the cool RPG Trifecta Pack and get three of those games digitally for your PC and save a chunk of cash. Isn’t freedom a wonderful thing? Yeah, I thought so.


BOUGHT THAT! RPG Trifecta Pack Get!


Yeah, yeah… I a bit late in picking this awesome deal up (it was released on August 6), but the RPG Trifecta Pack is all mine and I just saved a few hundred bucks in the process by not tracking down the out of production cart versions. Granted, the collector in me still wants to shell out for the two Genesis RPGs I’m missing from Super Fighter Team (I already have one of the few hundred copies of Star Odyssey here in the library), but this set will most certainly do.

Amusingly enough, if you happen to be the owner of a creaky PC from the last century, guess what? All of the games will actually run on any system with the following operating systems: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, ME, and 98SE (which is amazing but not unexpected, given emulation works well on any modern PC). Mac users? Well, you’ll need Mac OS X 10.5 and above. I don’t own a Mac, so I have no clue if that’s good, bad or ugly, but if you’re jumping up and down at home or the office, it’s all good. OK, I need to shut up and get downloading. Well, it’s only a 4MB file, so it’ll be quick, even on a crappy dial-up connection. Of course, I won’t get to PLAY any of these three until I whittle down my backlog here, so I guess this is an early holiday gift for myself – whee!

BUY THIS! Super Fighter Team Goes Digital With The RPG Trifecta Pack

RPG TF PackUsually, I save my biggest double-takes and jaw-drops for this time of year because of E3’s more surprising reveals, and yes there were a few doozies that put me in some poses most publicly shameful (or as shameful as one can look while watching a company dismantle its competition with a single internet video that crushes that competitor’s master plans). However, In the middle of all this E3 news and it’s talk of “interactively aggregate competitive materials” (Thank you, Corporate B.S. Generator!), thank goodness Super Fighter Team is on the case to keep me sane (but still picking up my jaw and eyeballs off the carpet)… Continue reading

Review: Star Odyssey

Platform: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Developer: Hot-B/Starfish

Publisher: Super Fighter Team

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: N/A

Official Site

Score: B+ (80%)


After 20 long years one of a handful of “lost” Sega Genesis games finally surfaces thanks to Brandon Cobb and Super Fighter Team. While Star Odyssey may not be the best RPG on the platform, as a piece of gaming history, it’s something that’s truly great too see and play. Thanks to Cobb’s dedication to seeing the project through (and a solid localization job), a few hundred lucky gamers can now play this long lost gem and see what might have been had this one shipped when it was supposed to. Granted, I’m sure it wouldn’t have set the gaming world on fire back in 1991 or ’92, but the Genesis never really got as many great RPG’s as the SNES back in the day, so what’s here makes for a mostly solid game with a few quirks that keep it from perfection. Continue reading

What’s Old Is New…

So, my copy of Star Odyssey arrived today, interestingly enough on a nice and quiet (but busy) Saturday. I spent a few hours playing it and yup, it’s definitely old-school goodness. Not the best RPG on the Mega Drive/Genesis, but a great deal of care went into the game and it’s one of those “lost” games that was well worth the long wait to finally play. For the heck of it, here are pics of the game one of my Mega Drives consoles and the original Japanese release, Blue Almanac. Enjoy!

Star Odyssey Released – Time To Dig Out The Genesis!

Awesome. SuperFighter Team has released its latest retro game project, the long-awaited Star Odyssey for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive systems. The game (known as Blue Almanac in Japan) was one of a number of projects for Sega’s 16-bit console that was started but never fully completed in terms of an English localization, but thanks to the dedication and a ton of hard work by Brandon Cobb the rest of SFT, it’s finally done with many improvements and ready for purchase HERE.

As usual, expect a high-quality package complete with a the game cartridge, clam shell case, full-color manual and art insert. As someone who remembers reading a preview article for this one back in the day (and later ended up buying and playing carefully through some of the Japanese version without knowing a bit of the language), you better believe I just ordered a copy. I’ll post a review around the end of July. In the meantime, go dig out that Genny from the closet (or go buy one cheap on ebay) and shell out the $48 (including US shipping) for this resurrected sci-fi RPG gem – I’m betting you won’t regret it one bit.

Super Fighter Team Debuts Star Odyssey in France

Sure, it happened last November, but for a time-traveling gaming junkie like me, it’s always going to be 19XX at some point during the day. How come games like this aren’t given the royal(e) treatment in the US? I guess flashy 3D graphics, millions of bucks spent on ads, parties and hype and generating celebrity-based buzz is more important than keeping these flames alive, but as Super Fighter’s Brandon Cobb says: “Never let Dreams Die!” I can’t wait to plunk down some hard-earned cash for this game once it’s all done. More information on Star Odyssey is available at the game’s official website