BUY THIS! Super Fighter Team Goes Digital With The RPG Trifecta Pack

RPG TF PackUsually, I save my biggest double-takes and jaw-drops for this time of year because of E3’s more surprising reveals, and yes there were a few doozies that put me in some poses most publicly shameful (or as shameful as one can look while watching a company dismantle its competition with a single internet video that crushes that competitor’s master plans). However, In the middle of all this E3 news and it’s talk of “interactively aggregate competitive materials” (Thank you, Corporate B.S. Generator!), thank goodness Super Fighter Team is on the case to keep me sane (but still picking up my jaw and eyeballs off the carpet)…

The small indie publisher of obscure Mega Drive/Genesis RPGs (they’ve wholly funded localization, production and marketing of three to date), one great new and original Lynx title, Zaku, a work in progress Super Nintendo game Nightmare Busters and a handful of classic 2D PC fighters is jumping into the digital age in a big way by releasing its three most desired games on PC and Mac in August.

The RPG Trifecta Pack features the company’s VERY low-production run Mega Drive/Genesis games Beggar Prince, Legend of Wukong and Star Odyssey in one tiny 4MB download all for the insanely reasonable price of $20 with the collection set to launch on August 6, 2013. Pre-orders are live NOW on the game’s order page and I more than highly recommend buying this set and pointing your JRPG-loving friends this way as well. OK, technically only Star Odyssey is Japanese, but you get my drift. Given that physical copies of these are VERY hard to come by and not at all inexpensive, this option gives Super Fighter Team a great way to get their classics out to the masses for a very fair price point.

commander keen in keen dreamsIn addition, the company has also stepped into the Android marketplace with the classic side-scroller, Commander Keen in Keen Dreams, available now over Google Play for a paltry 99 cents. I don’t own an Android device (or hell, ANY sort of non-traditional controller-less device that I use regularly), but this one’s a game I recall fondly as a tricky and very cool side-scroller.  Hey, who said “retro” gaming is dead? Oh, Microsoft? Wellll… they have some issues with stuff like damage control to work with as far as this whole “Next-Gen” shebang goes… so their opinions are a lot less valid by the minute, I’d say…


5 thoughts on “BUY THIS! Super Fighter Team Goes Digital With The RPG Trifecta Pack

    • Oh, same here. Between Steam,, Desura and Bundle Stars, I’m kind of tapped out, but this is the next deal I’ll pick up as soon as a freelance gig I did pays up… hopefully no more crazy sales will hit those other sites. I’m afraid to look, but I don’t have to thanks to those newsletters I signed up for (my wallet goes *Wah!* whenever I check my inbox…).


  1. I’ll be picking up this cool RPG Trifecta Pack collection. With any luck Super Fighter Team will put these on cartridge again the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive 🙂
    I would buy them all over again!


    • I’m definitely grabbing this as well. Not sure if there’s going to be any more MD reissues of these, as I know Brandon is so focused on working to get Nightmare Busters done and out as a SNES cart and it’s pretty expensive to manufacture any cart games these days. If I had it, I’m dump a truckload of money in his lap and get all those games reissues, but I think the Trifecta will generate SFT enough revenue to perhaps tackle new MD projects if Brandon finds them interesting enough to track down for localization and manufacturing…


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