What’s Old Is New…

So, my copy of Star Odyssey arrived today, interestingly enough on a nice and quiet (but busy) Saturday. I spent a few hours playing it and yup, it’s definitely old-school goodness. Not the best RPG on the Mega Drive/Genesis, but a great deal of care went into the game and it’s one of those “lost” games that was well worth the long wait to finally play. For the heck of it, here are pics of the game one of my Mega Drives consoles and the original Japanese release, Blue Almanac. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “What’s Old Is New…

  1. Good looking collection. Japanese Mega Drive games always look so good when you get a lot of them together 🙂
    I’ve often been torn between setting up my collection as you’ve done it compared to how I’ve faced/presented some of my highlights in my collection. I love getting a good look at the cover art but at the same time it masked most of the spines of the games.

    Thanks for your great comments on my blog. I’ve come to check out your collection. And like I said it looks excellent. I also thought it was cool to find someone else who into some of the newly released Mega Drive/ Genesis games. These are good times 🙂


  2. I’ve enjoyed some time on your site but I couldn’t find more pictures of your Mega Drive collection.
    It looks like there is more that can’t be seen in your picture found on this page. I would love to see more of your Mega Drive collection if you have more images to share!


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  4. You’re welcome – I need to take updated pics of the collection at some point during the next few days, so I’ll run a post with those shortly. It’ll also give me a chance to recount and see what I have remaining.


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